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Selfies app for Android available for free on Google Play

With selfies being ever so popular these days somebody was bound to create an Android app that could help people with that endeavor. Interestingly enough, the app was made by none other than Automattic, the creators of WordPress. One might wonder why this thing hasn’t exploded yet given the massive amount of people that are obsessed with selfies these days. Well, it seems that this began as an experiment of sorts. Automattic wanted to see if the app would end up becoming popular without making a big fuss about it, so the company just put it on their website and didn’t announce anything.

Selfies is still early in development and might also make it to iPhone and iPad if it does well on Android. The concept is simple: take a picture, add a caption and filter, then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. Currently there is a stream where all the users can see the pictures shared by everyone else. Similar to Snapchat and Slingshot, you can respond to a selfie with one of your own and go back an forth for as long as you want. Basically it’s pretty much like a chat only instead of sending text you’re sending pictures.

“The app is in its infancy,” Automattic says. “You can take selfies, caption and filter them, and share them into a stream that can be seen by all other users. You can react to other people’s selfies with your own images or captions, which often leads to a fun back and forth that turns selfies into mini stories. We made an effort to find the “quickest time to fun” in this app – get users to post and enjoy images right away instead of making them go through the numbing series of sign ups, logins, Facebook & Twitter connections, etc that are common in other apps.”

Selfies is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free. The team encourages everyone to go try it out and send them feedback in order to improve it. As I mentioned above, the app is very new so not many people know about it yet, therefore it was only downloaded around 100 to 500 times. The people that did try it seem pretty happy with Selfies and I’m mostly seeing positive reviews so I guess it’s worth taking a look. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest news and updates.

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