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Facebook implements new advertising options


Facebook is making a big change to their advertising system. They’re giving users more control over what ads are presented by the service and they’re also gonna harvest more user data to serve those ads. The service is going to allow users to say which ads they like and which ads they don’t. There’s basically going to be a little tab ...

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The NSA reportedly has the most advanced facial recognition technology


Reports are claiming that the NSA is collecting millions of digital pictures from the internet everyday, including thousands of facial recognition images. Information is very important as we’ve learned from the Edward Snowden trial of leaked National Security Agency documents. The pictures are extracted from e-mails, text messages, social networks, video conferences and other types of communication. The story also reveals some interesting details, ...

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Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Gaming Edition Review


Bitdefender has proven time and time again to be one of the most efficient security solutions around. Total Security 2014 edition not only offers solid antivirus protection, but also comes with a wide variety of useful features and tools. They range from Antispam filter and Wallet to File Encryption, and many more. This particular version of Bitdefender is the most ...

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Google+ was updated to help you locate your friends


Google+ has been updated with a new “friend-tracking” app that gives you the possibility to navigate to the exact location of a friend. Google Maps has always been useful when, for instance, you had to find a certain place in a crowded city, allowing you to get from point A to point B without any problem. With this new update ...

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Facebook and Publicis Groupe to be long-term partners


Last week, Facebook struck a multiyear partnership with the advertising company Publicis Groupe. The deal that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars will allow Publicis to access Facebook’s ad inventory and data, and to maintain the balance between Instagram and videos from the social network. Publicis Groupe has clients like Procter & Gamble, Verizon, and Coca-Cola, so a partnership with ...

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Google is releasing a tablet with advanced vision capabilities, but only for developers


Google has been experimenting with advanced vision capabilities for mobile devices and now moves on to developing a high-end tablet. It’s said the company is planning to produce up to 4000 7-inch tablets starting next month. The device will come with two back cameras featuring infrared depth sensors and an advanced software that can capture 3D images. A person close ...

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Facebook app “hears” what you’re listening to


Facebook’s mobile app has been improved with a new sense oh hearing. The app recognizes music and TV shows playing in your vicinity and offers to include information about what’s playing in the background when you begin to write a post. The feature was designed to allow users to share more information about their surroundings, like what song they’re listening ...

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Google is now officially more valuable than Apple


A recent report by global market research agency Millward Brown claims that Google overtook Apple and is now the most valuable brand in the world. A quick look at the list reveals that the internet giant’s value has increased by 40% since last year and is now worth $158,843 billion. On the other hand, Apple has seen a 20% decline since ...

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Facebook’s malware checkpoint shows mercy!


Facebook has made an announcement regarding its security: it added free downloads of anti-malware software to its abuse detection and prevention systems, for the security of the social network and the user’s information. So, in case someone has an infected device, the users will see a popup notification with one of the suggested products when they sign onto Facebook. Once ...

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Nuzzel – The news aggregation app for iPhone is here


After almost two years since Jonathan Abrams, the founder on Nuzzel said they’re preparing an iPhone app, the social news start-up finally completed the job. A little too late we might add, because many news aggregation apps are already available. So what makes Nuzzel so special? Its simplicity, of course. Other news aggregation apps require a complex setup process or ...

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