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Facebook to charge $2.99 monthly fee starting November

Nobody expected such a news story this week, but it seems that Facebook will no longer be a free service. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced at a press conference in Menlo Park, California that the company is unable to keep up with the costs of Facebook and a monthly fee for users is inevitable.

Zuckerberg has explained that Facebook is growing with hundreds and thousands of members signing up each day and the advertisement system Facebook currently uses is not enough to cover all the costs the social media giant needs to keep the site running. He also said that if Facebook continues to remain a free service, there is the possibility of it having to shut down because of the lack of funding.

“After thinking long and hard about this decision, at the end of the day, we were forced to add this monthly fee. If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could cease to exist in the near future.” – said Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook currently has about 1.317 billion users and if just %75 of those users start paying the $2.99 monthly fee, the yearly profit would be about $3 billion. Astounding.

Reportedly, Paul Horner, Facebook spokesperson, said that there could be a way to waive the monthly fee for users who don’t have the money to pay. He said that even though Facebook would begin implementing the new user fee starting November 1st, they don’t want to lose their members just because they can’t afford to pay the monthly subscription fee. He said that users should update their status with the following statement: I AM POOR FACEBOOK PLEASE WAIVE MY MONTHLY FEE with the #FacebookMonthlyFee hashtag included.

What do you think? Is Facebook looking to get a little more money out of its users? Are you going to ask them to waive your monthly fee or do you think Facebook is worth paying for?


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  1. This is garbage, sorry to break it to you, but you’re not the Onion. Not even close.

    • What if it’s true? I’d like to see something like this get announced.

    • this could be true as zuckerberg could be trying to fund the israeli army using his money. since he is a jew aswell and he has shown his jewish support on a jewish group on facebook which was hailing the murder of palestinian children. many people exposed the group and requested facebook to take down the group as it contained a lot of violent and inhumane comments, but zuckerberg refused to take it down.

      • He can support Jews, you can support Palestinians, I can support Ukrainians and Russian, so what? Everybody has his own intention. “hailing the murder of palestinian children”? Go to the Africa continent and take a look at the children hailing from the shortage of water while you present the Ice bucket challenges. What about Syria? Our area – Ukraine? That is his own resource, and he may do what he wants to. I am sure that you are a money chaser like all people in the world, and you would do the same thing without thinking about other people. He made a long way of coding and programming this beast. Can you do the same thing, chatterbox?

      • Even though the war over there has killed thousands of Palestinians and children its only because those people of hamas use them as human shields…. I for one im not jewish but I would support them if I could

        • So an Israili holds a rocket pointed toward a hamas militant that has a civilian in front of him.
          The Israili fires the rocket, killing the hamas militant and the civilian, he then blames the hamas militant for using the civilian as a human shield.
          That justifies him exploding an innocent civilian? He had the rocket, and it was likely from a great distance away.

          Your a fool, with out logic. THINK

          • As a matter of fact it does…. We thought you a fool….but you opened your mouth and removed all doubt

          • No… YOU are the fool. The IDF attacks villages and as a result innocent people get killed. Don’t be so stupid that you can’t figure that out. The “human shield” is a mere excuse, common for any belligerent that feels it necessary to justify their murders, which Israel does because they know they ain’t shit without US funding.

      • I really hope you’re kidding. You really think Zuckerberg sits around approving / disapproving Facebook groups?

        Is that what you would do if you had billions of dollars?

  2. fake!!

  3. 6 one way half a dozen another

    A weak attempt to create a meme on Facebook.

  4. What a crock! And hello, it’s WAIVE fees, not WAVE fees.

  5. Well, if this starts up in November, I’ll be off Facebook. I’m not going to ask for a waiver of fees and I’m not paying a monthly charge to stay on either.

  6. Check your spelling within the hashtag. “MothlyFee” lol. Wonder if Zuckerberg can sue for defamation here.

    • Nah satire is protected under FoS in theory. What’s sad is people have been falling for this for years, Snopes has a page from around 2010 if my memory serves me correctly.

  7. There is way to much Hacking going on. I can hoover over my friends pictured for there number & type it an FB ID! Which, is NOT, right! It’s bad you want to much info on a person! However, I will NOT be paying for it! I’m broke!

  8. Also, Mark has 4 houses. Sell, them & hire real people, we can talk to & see. He is NOT even Thankful, that anyone uses his sight!

  9. I must say nice move even if only 25% will pay they still get 1 billion.
    I guess they just thought to get enough money of adds to bad I wont use Facebook anymore sorry

  10. HAH. If it were real, I would never pay.

  11. Yea their math isn’t even right. 75% of 1.3 billion is roughly 1 billion at $3/month that’s $36 billion a year…

  12. I AM POOR FACEBOOK PLEASE WAIVE MY MONTHLY FEE with the #FacebookMothlyFee hashtag…This is clearly mocking yourself and the people who created this garbage of a news will laugh at you when you do this.

  13. There profit would not be 3 billion for the year. Seeing how these people can’t do math… It would be 34,983,000,000 billion in revenue and I can’t imagine that facebook’s operating expenses exceeds a billion dollars a year. So you do the math that’s ridiculous. That’s only 75% of people on Facebook too so think if everyone had to pay that monthly.

  14. “I am poor FB User. Please waive my monthly fee..” FB is intending to mock and look down on FB users. Go ahead and charge me monthly fee. I immediately say goodbye forever to FB.

  15. because of us that’s why fb is rich, fb should be paying us. i have one word “greed”.

  16. Hmm. Mr. Zuckerberg has net work over $33.3 billion, made $1 in salary & a (whopping) 3 billion in bonuses in 2013′. The world is greed. Period!

  17. The funny part is that Internation Business Times got ticked by this. They had a link on the front page of yahoo.

  18. Anyone else notice this article is on the “Fun Corner” tab? It’s not serious.

  19. This is true: it has been on numerous news sites. Why pay Facebook, so that the NSA and the various global corporations can spy on you. Also, prospective employers use Facebook to see if their prospective employers have kinky perversions that will be compatible with theirs. Sex with Teddy bears with a rectum hole cut out? Collecting naked Ken dolls? Bathing in lard?

    Screw Facebook! This will be a huge opening for competitors to provide a superior system to that of Mark Zuckerturd. Google? Microsoft? Homeland Security? 3:)

  20. If this is real FaceBook obviously has no idea what they’re getting into… Wasn’t one of the main reasons FB was such a success because it was cool? I can promise because aren’t going to think it’s quite so cool when it’s making a little dent in their monthly expenses. Think again about this one, FB. I know one user you’re about to lose…

  21. if this is true and is going to happen Facebook will not make money it will lose money and lose users. there are kids my great nephews age witch is like 3 have FB pages. so how they going to pay for it… WHEN THEY ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO WORK!!! it would be hard enough for the parents to pay their own pages but each kids… i dont think so. FAIL FACEBOOK, EPIC FAIL!!!

  22. You can instantly tell by the awful grammar that this article is a hoax.

  23. lol is this serious? Maybe those poor people should get off facebook and find a job/a better job…

  24. Trollmctrollinmakky

    I hope people with some common sense would drop Facebook and see Mark Zuckerberg collectively ANON himself from bankruptcy.

  25. facebook is not worth paying for I could care less if it shut down u can count me out i will never pay for social media

  26. So glad I only ever had FB for a month…

  27. Going back to myspace…..bye bye Greedy Facebook

  28. Wow to put as our status “IM POOR” way to humiliate people I bet they sit bk and laugh at the people who put that as their status fk Facebook we should all use GOOGLE PLUS it’s just like fb but better …..I WILL NEVER PAY FOR FB !!!!

  29. This will give a chance for a NEW and BETTER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM to get new traffic that will leaving Facebook if they implement such attempt. They must value the trust and patronage of people around the world If they don’t want to break the portion of their PIE in SOCIAL MEDIA arena!

  30. Emily Smith, you need to retake your fundamentals of reporting class.

  31. Facebook is a damn drama website why would I want to pay to get in trouble with friends and family

  32. Has anyone ever read the sign-in page?

  33. Facebook is stupid

    Guess what? it’s their problem when they don’t make enough to run the company, if they force the user to pay, good bye, you’re killing your business, either way is dead end. so figure out your problem and don’t even try to piss the user, otherwise, you’re just digging grave for yourself.

  34. Give me a Jew over a mooselimb anyday.

  35. This is a hoax! Check it out in Snopes…

  36. OMG… Why not make the fee 1 cent instead? Facebook can still earn around 13 million dollars a month!!!

  37. I think its just a rumor. If they start charging the users then they will have bigger economic crisis. Most of the users wont pay for using the site, facebook will have less number of users and why would companies advertise in facebook. Ultimately facebook will shutdown

  38. i wont pay nothing that’s for sure !

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