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Courtesy of Rebellion Developments.

Rebellion Releases New Trailer For Zombie Army Trilogy

Rebellion Developments has released a new trailer for the upcoming undead bundle, Zombie Army Trilogy. It details the top seven reasons owners of previous games in the series should upgrade to this bundle. Players will be able to face the hordes of the undead alone or with up to three friends online. Fans of the series shouldn’t forget that this bundle introduces a third new campaign that will bring the total number of missions to 15. Zombie Army Trilogy will also introduce a new Horde Mode that will challenge up to four characters to survive on one of five scary maps. This remastered edition will allow players to experience their favorite missions in any order as part of a unified online community.

This trilogy will feature new and improved visuals that will immerse players in the environment even more. This entry in the franchise will introduce new characters that will bring the total to eight unique characters. Each one will have their own customizable skills and weapons from the classic sniper rifles to powerful guns and deadly traps. They will be able to kill zombies in ever more gruesome ways in the game with the new dismemberment mechanics. The acclaimed X-ray kill camera is making a return from previous entries in the series. This entry in the spin-off series will introduce a variety of terrifying new enemies that will have to be vanquished before fighting the demonic Führer. The bundle is available for pre-order on Steam with special discounts available to owners of previous games in the series. Zombie Army Trilogy will be arriving on PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on March 6, 2015.

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is a stand-alone title based on the Sniper Elite V2 engine and mechanics. Players are able to experience an alternate version of history where Adolf Hitler employs zombies to change the tide of the war. Players go alone or join with up to 3 friend in order to fight through the zombie hordes to accomplish their objectives. A sequel was released for this 2013 title, which challenged players to collect fragments of the Sagamartha Relic, the key to controlling the zombies. Both games are available on Steam here and here.

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