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HTC starts shipping Nexus 9 tablets with better hardware quality


It goes without saying that HTC’s Nexus 9 is a mighty fine tablet, but like every other product out there, this device is not perfect. There have been more than a few user reports regarding the bad hardware quality, with most of the complaints being directed at the buttons, although there have been a few aimed at the back cover ...

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The Samsung Z is the world’s first Tizen-powered phone


Samsung strikes again officially announcing the Samsung Z. Even though Samsung’s TouchWiz interface is so attractive that is often identified as an operating system, the company finally decided to announce the Tizen-powered smartphone. Samsung proved to be tired of sharing Google’s software and having its interface being built on the top of Android. That is the main reason why the ...

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HTC One M8 Review. Quality has a price


Last year’s HTC One turned out to be a big hit amongst fans, but unfortunately, the smartphone didn’t lure as many customers as expected. So in order to maintain the interest of fans and to draw more customers, HTC introduced a smartphone that’s geared up to compete with the flagships of the market. The HTC One M8 comes with an ...

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OnePlus One vs HTC One M8 – Will the underdog defeat the legend?


 If you were to choose between these two smartphones, which one would you choose?  OnePlus One has hit the market with very powerful specifications and HTC One (M8) is known to be the almost-perfect smartphone. The price is not yet concrete for OnePlus One, but we definitely know that HTC One stays somewhere around 600-700$, contract free. OnePlus One   – ...

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