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Microsoft shipped 100.000 Xbox One units in China on launch day


The Xbox One is the first gaming console to go on sale in China in over 14 years. Microsoft can take pride in being the first company to launch a console there in over a decade, but there’s even more good news for the company. No less than 100.000 Xbox One units were shipped just on launch day, although some reports are ...

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Destiny takes the crown as the most successful new IP launch in the UK


Some of us were truly amazed by the amount of hype surrounding Destiny, especially since the game generally only got average reviews from critics. However, this didn’t stop millions of people worldwide from purchasing Bungie’s latest title and helping it become even more popular in the process. Destiny was particularly well received in the UK where it managed to become ...

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Xbox One vs PS4: Sony still leading for the eight consecutive month


The NPD results for August 2014 are in and there are very few surprises to talk about. Seeing as how there were few game releases last month, software sales were not exactly incredible and we’re actually looking at an 21% decrease compared to August 2013. On the other hand, PS4 and Xbox One consoles continued to sell very good, which resulted ...

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Amazon Fire Phone is not selling very good according to analysts


I’m sure most of you remember the insane amount of hype that surrounded the Amazon Fire Phone a while back. The device launched about two months ago, but we haven’t heard much about it since then and the hype died down lately as well. This could only mean that the handset wasn’t actually that interesting after all, but what exactly went wrong? ...

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Xbox One sold at least 5 million units, hints Microsoft


Microsoft has been incredibly quiet when in comes to Xbox One sales recently. Actually, they haven’t revealed any sales figures ever since they announced that the console sold 3 million units by the end of 2013. This announcement was made back in January, with another one following in April, which stated that more than 5 million Xbox One units have already been shipped ...

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