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Phil Spencer Denies Silent Hills Rumors

Silent Hills Phil Spencer

Days ago, an anonymous source told Rooster Teeth that the software behemoth Microsoft had plans to purchase Silent Hills from Konami before E3 this year. This announcement made a huge splash with everyone on the internet, proving just how popular PT was, and how excited people were to see Silent Hills be made. Unfortunately, Phil Spencer – head of Xbox ...

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PT Is Being Sold On eBay

A number of listings have surfaced on eBay advertising Playstation 4 consoles with the acclaimed “PT” pre-installed on them. The “playable teaser” was removed from the Playstation Store on Wednesday following Konami’s fall-out with Hideo Kojima, and the eventual cancellation of Silent Hills. Not all hope is lost for those yet to experience the terror inflicted by PT however, as ...

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Top Four Horror Games of 2014

The top four horror games of 2014 include my personal favorite Alien Isolation

Today’s Game of the Year countdown is the Top Four Horror Games of 2014 – The year of 2014 was a great one for gamers. While it lacked the grandiose releases of a Grand Theft Auto and two new consoles, it was a solid year overall. Gamers around the world hacked into Chicago, tried to survive against impossible odds, joined each other online ...

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Kojima is considering an episodic release for Silent Hills


Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Studios, the developer who is making Silent Hills, made an interesting statement during Tokyo Game Show. Apparently, they are considering the possibility of releasing the game in an episodic format. Kojima says that the team looked at how television seasons were scheduled and thought about releasing Silent Hills in several episodes, just like Telltale’s “Walking ...

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Kojima released two teasers for “Silent Hills”

Following Hideo Kojima’s announcement that he has teamed up with Guillermo del Toro in order to make a new “Silent Hill” game, a playable teaser has been released exclusively for the Playstation 4. According to the developers, “Silent Hills”, as the game is named, will be powered by the Fox Engine. In order to promote the new Silent Hill game, ...

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