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The season pass for The Callisto Protocol features fresh player demise animations

It has been announced that the season pass for The Callisto Protocol will have additional death animations for the game’s protagonist Jacob and the adversaries he encounters. The season pass’s features and details have recently been posted to the game’s Steam page. It includes additional death animations in addition to the standard season pass stuff, like new plot DLC, regions, ...

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Pokemon is now no longer the top-selling game in Japan

The first Pokemon games were no longer the most popular video games in Japan since Animal Crossing: New Horizons has surpassed them in sales. When Nintendo released Pokemon Red, Green, and Blue in Japan in 1996, it completely transformed the video game business. The first Pokemon video games not only significantly increased the lifespan of the Game Boy handheld, but ...

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The Judgment mod reinstates cut actor Pierre Taki in the game.

According to GeekReply, it will please fans of Pierre Taki’s voice and likeness in the game to know that there is a mod to restore his voice and likeness from the Yakuza spin-off Judgment and bad-boy Japanese actors. The Japanese version of Judgment, which was never released in the West, did not include the character Kyohei Hamura because he was ...

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