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StarCraft 2 Nation Wars 4 Well Underway

Tomorrow marks the end of the group stage of Nation Wars 4. Unlike previous iterations of this tournament, Nation Wars 4 is partnered with Blizzard Entertainment, and as a result, this iteration is far larger than the tournament has ever been. There is $30,000 of prize money involved, and any country can participate as long as they have three players ...

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AfreecaTV Announces Starcraft 2 GSL Plans for 2017

AfreecaTV announces renewed and bolstered support for StarCraft 2 in GSL 2017.

To the detriment of all StarCraft 2 fans the world over, GSL was cut short in 2016. This also happened around the same time that the StarCraft 2 pro league was disbanded, which left many players and fans alike wondering what the future of the game would look like. Fortunately, AfreecaTV, the Korean streaming hub that historically sponsors and runs the ...

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Legacy of the Void Gets an Official Release Date and Debuts Opening Cinematic

Legacy of the Void

The final chapter in StarCraft 2’s Xel’naga story arc, Legacy of the Void, just received an official release date. Blizzard revealed the news in a live Twitch feed that debuted this morning. And here’s the good news, Blizzard’s latest addition to the StarCraft franchise will be arriving sooner rather than later. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will be available to everyone ...

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Legacy of the Void Pre-Purchase Available Now

legacy of the void prepurchase available now

It’s almost time. It’s been a bit of a wait since the Heart of the Swarm, but the third and final instalment of the StarCraft 2 saga, Legacy of the Void, just became available for pre-purchase. That’s right, as of yesterday you can now lock in and claim your own copy of the game. Legacy of the Void will have gamers playing as ...

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SHOUTcraft Clan Wars Returning for Season 2

TotalBiscuit announced a few weeks ago on his twitter account that Clan Wars, a Starcraft 2 series consisting of individual clan matches, would be returning in April for a second season. After the first season was cut short unexpectedly, most likely due to the unfortunate health issues that TotalBiscuit has been dealing with, many fans of the series were anticipating the ...

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ROCCAT is the new main peripheral partner for Intel Extreme Masters

ROCCAT is well known in the world of competitive gaming as one of the most popular providers of quality peripherals. It is for this very reason that Intel Extreme Masters announced a partnership with the company and signed it up as a major sponsor for the remaining of the Season 9 eSports tournament series. This includes four main events that will ...

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Top 5 most popular eSports games right now

In recent years Electronic Sports have become ridiculously popular even among people who weren’t much into gaming before. I’ve dabbled in competitive gaming on more than one occasion and I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am to see that we live in a time when it’s finally being taken seriously. But things are not equal in the world ...

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