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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Ambit

Today’s standout on Greenlight is a game that I actually had my eye on late last night. Ambit, a 3rd person action game that has a strict focus on story which drives the gameplay is a game that is being developed by Zebik Media. Zebik Media is an extremely new addition to the indie community, as they have just gotten ...

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Ira’s New Demo Showcases its Overworld

For anyone who recalls my previous post about Ira, you will remember it being a point-and-click adventure that I was very interested in based on its visual aesthetic as well as its intriguing story. Recently, a demo has been released on Ore Creative’s website containing a preview of the game’s overworld. The overworld was described to me by the developers to ...

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First Impressions: Ori and the Blind Forest

*Disclaimer* This is not, nor should it be taken as, a review. This is simply my initial thoughts of Ori and the Blind Forest after around four hours of game time. Ori and the Blind Forest is a platform adventure game developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft. You can grab Ori and the Blind Forest on Steam, or ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Ira

Steam Greenlight opened for submission on August 30, 2012. Ever since then, games such as McPixel, Broforce, and Frozen Cortex have achieved great success thanks to the positive (and critical) feedback from the community. Steam Greenlight Spotlight is my attempt to focus on the games that I feel are deserving of your attention. Finding a solid game to give your vote ...

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