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Players Are Getting Less Interest in Deep Strategy Games, According to a Bombshell Report

It is disheartening to learn from a recent report that modern gaming audiences are losing interest in deep strategy games, such as the ones found in the Civilization or XCOM franchises. According to a study by Quantic Foundry, data gathered over the previous nine years using the researcher’s gamer motivation profile (GMP) tool reveals a significant shift in players’ preferences ...

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A legend in the world of strategy Jake Solomon provides an insightful analysis of the areas where Marvel’s Midnight Suns fell short

The news of Jake Solomon, a prominent figure in the world of game development, departing from Firaxis to establish his own studio, Midsummer Studios, has caught many by surprise. What’s particularly intriguing is his decision to transition from the strategy genre to the life simulation genre. Reflecting on the opportunity to create something entirely different, Soloman pondered the shortcomings of ...

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XCOM 2 Announced


XCOM: Enemy Unknown came out not too long ago, and proceeded to be one of the best strategy games of its kind. having a great narrative, in-depth strategic gameplay, solid visuals, and a unique attachment and progression system for each one of your soldiers, XCOM squeezed hundreds of hours out of newcomers and long-time XCOM players alike. Today, we get ...

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MASSIVE CHALICE Preview by Double Fine

MASSIVE CHALICE is a tactical strategy PC game on an epic fantasy timeline from the creators of Psychonauts, Broken Age, and Costume Quest. MASSIVE CHALICE is one of many successful Kickstarter games, but it is Double Fine’s second successful Kickstarter. With the goal being at a whopping $725,000 , Double Fine nearly doubled their goal ending at $1,229,015. While their ...

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Two new Humble Bundles available to purchase

Humble Bundle has added two new bundles to their store. The first it the Humble 2K Bundle that went live earlier in the week. Available at any price (though a $1 minimum charge for Steam keys is in effect) are BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and The Darkness II. All three games are first-person shooters, though they vary in style ...

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Blizzard registers new trademark under the name “ Overwatch ”

Word on the street is that Blizzard Entertainment recently filed “ Overwatch ” under gaming-related services. The word itself originates in U.S. military doctrine and is explained by Wikipedia as follows: “In modern warfare, overwatch is the state of one small unit or military vehicle supporting another unit, while they are executing fire and movement tactics. An overwatching, or supporting ...

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