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Spotify Taste Rewind Wants To Broaden Your Horizons


Spotify recently expanded its portfolio of services with Spotify Taste Rewind. With its own dedicated website, Taste Rewind’s front page pitches itself as “Your music, turned back in time.” The proposition is less H.G. Wells than it sounds. An existing Spotify user logs into their account via the Taste Rewind website. From there they are offered a variety of artists ...

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Apple Music Dealings Under Antitrust Investigation

The specter of Theodore Roosevelt hovers over the Attorneys General of New York and Connecticut as they investigate potential breaches of antitrust law in the dealings between Universal Music Group—the largest music corporation in the world—and Apple. According to a report issued by the Wall Street Journal the Attorneys General are concerned about “record labels seeking to circumvent competition by ...

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Apple wants to “Connect” you to musicians

Apple, the technological giant, has announced at this year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) that they are dipping their feet in the music streaming industry with Apple Music. With this announcement Apple will be going directly at competitors such as Spotify and Tidal for reigns in this industry. One advantage Apple will have over these is the fact that it will ...

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Apple High-Speed Network Reportedly In The Works

According to Bloomberg Business, Apple has big plans for their infrastructure. Up until now Apple has been dependent on third party networks and servers to provide for services like iTunes, iCloud, and Siri. The status quo, however, is evidently set to change. Apple is dealt with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft to meet the capacity demands on its cloud ...

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Apple Music – Streaming Service to be Announced Monday

Apple will have it’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday. As per usual, they’ll have a slew of announcements and exciting news to share with Apple fans and developers alike. There have been a few leaks and rumours floating around, but one that seems pretty intriguing is a streaming service that will be called, Apple Music. It’s more than a ...

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