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Civilization: Beyond Earth gets its first official patch


The very first major patch for Civilization: Beyond Earth is now readily available to download from Steam. Developer 2K Games says that this update is a “collaborative effort” between them and all the players who provided valuable feedback. Thanks to these players various problems have been identified and subsequently fixed with this patch. Some of the most common problems that ...

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Heroes of the Storm welcomes Jaina Proudmoore today


Miss Jaina Proudmoore was introduced today to Heroes of the Storm via a patch that also adds new skins, bug fixes, and various other changes to the game. Jaina was first announced back at Blizzcon 2014 along with a few other heroes that will join the lineup in the near future. You probably already know who she is if you’ve played ...

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League of Legends patch 4.20 is here, full patch notes revealed


Patch 4.20 – also known as one of the biggest League of Legends updates ever – is now live. This is the first patch of the 2015 preseason and it’s all about “strategic diversity” according to Riot. If you’re thinking this sounds a little vague it’s because it does, but fortunately the company goes on to explain what this actually ...

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Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void – new units and changes overview and analysis


Blizzard Entertainment finally revealed the long awaited cinematic for Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void, which means that the game’s release date should’t be too far away now. Moreover, Beta registrations for the expansion are now live, although Blizzard has yet to announce when the first phase of testing will begin. What’s clear however is that the company will need ...

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Unreal Engine 4.5 was released and includes a wide variety of new features


Epic Games released the new version of its popular game engine earlier today. Unreal Engine 4.5 comes with a vast number of new features and improvements including animation retargeting, automatic C++ hot reload, light map UV generation, streaming video textures and more. Epic has also made the engine more friendly to developers who are just learning the ropes as Unreal Engine ...

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Heroes of the Storm is now in its final Alpha testing phase, Europe will finally have access starting with October 9th


Heroes of the Storm has come back online and the final alpha testing phase is now underway. Blizzard released a brand new major patch that brings a large number of changes to the game. First off, all accounts have been wiped clean, but the company says that this was the last planned wipe. Any money you might have spent on in-game purchases ...

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Battlefield 4 Fall update rolling out, patch notes revealed


A massive Battlefield 4 patch is currently rolling out on all platforms. This ‘Fall’ update brings with it a wide variety of changes to the core game and DLC s along with bug fixes and tweaks aimed at improving stability and balance. Battlefield 4 was riddled with bugs when it launched almost one year ago and DICE has been trying ...

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