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Nexus 5 vs Lumia 1020 – Is it just the camera?


The Nokia Lumia 1020 and Nexus 5 were two of the most prized devices of 2013 and still are the favorite handsets of many tech enthusiasts out there. The Nexus 5 was launched by Google in October 2013, whilst the Lumia 1020 was launched in July last year, both phones becoming quite successful in the niches they cater to. The ...

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BlackBerry Passport vs. Nexus 6: anticipated or overhyped


We’re already mid-September and we’ve seen the Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Galaxy Alpha, Sony Xperia Z3 HTC Desire 820, Lumia 730 and many more, but it seems that’s not all mobile technology has in store for us this month. The BlackBerry Passport and Nexus 6 have been all the hype recently, pegged for a ...

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5 million Gmail passwords were leaked, but Google is protecting the affected accounts


You’ve probably already heard about the iCloud security breach that resulted in a number of nude celebrity photos getting leaked online. Well, it seems that Apple wasn’t the only company to be targeted by hackers lately. Reports saying that many Gmail accounts have also been compromised went rampant these last couple of days. It turns out that about 5 million Gmail passwords ...

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Google buys Lift Labs

Internet Market Considers MIcrosoft Bid for Yahoo

Google has announced today that it has formally acquired Lift Labs, the health technology startup company that manufacturers Lift ware for people affected by Parkinson’s. Lift Labs is in the business of manufacturing devices that cancel tremors and help Parkinson’s patient function in an easier way. The devices they manufacture are designed to improve the quality of life of people ...

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Google Glass receives XE21.0 update


Not so long ago we were talking about Google Glass receiving a new update, and a new patent being published by the company. The patent has not yet materialized, but alas, the update, in the form of XE21.0 has been released. Even though Google Glass is still in development, glasses are scarcely available and for a hetfy $1500 price, Google ...

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Nexus 5 2014 with Android Lion leaked in benchmark test

Shamu Android L

The new Nexus might just be called the Nexus 5 when it will be released, according to a benchmark test from GFXBenchmark and it might come with Android 5.0 Lion.     Is Android L going to be called Lion? We’ve no certainty of that and the following information should be taken with a grain of salt, but supposedly, Google ...

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Project Tango tablet leaked through FCC


Project Tango has just run the new tablet in the line through the FCC certification process, so the new tablet developer’s kit for the project is on its way. Information is scarce, but the tablet will be the first of its kind to take advantage of Google’s 3D mapping technology. Project Tango was announced by Google in May and the idea ...

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Android One and co. to be released on September 15


Google has been planning low-cost smartphones for emerging markets for some time now, but the plans might have materialized with the upcoming release of the new Android One smartphone. The aim of the Android One project is to release $100 smartphones for emerging markets such as India and so far, we’ve suspected an initial introduction due in October, but recent ...

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