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Is Android L going to be Licorice?


You might be wondering how Licorice ended up in the picture we are trying to paint of Android L, Google’s new mobile OS that will be optimized for 64 bit smartphones. You might recall that Google posted a birthday cake for the company’s birthday, decorated with lollipops. We ended up thinking that tha was supposed to be a hint at what ...

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Nexus 9 release date and price leaked

Nexus 6

It seems that the HTC Nexus 9 is clear for confirmation, inside sources saying that an official announcement will happen at an October 15 event, with a launch date set for November 3. The Nexus 9 is one of the most anticipated devices of the year and is said to be the boost HTC needs to get back into the ...

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Google Launches a New Work Subscription Option for $50/Year Chromebooks


Today Google is launching a new business service: for $50 per year and device, a business can subscribe to get access to Google’s advanced Chrome OS management features and support. This change ensures that Google can give options in terms of how a company can get access to the management console and support for said console. Initially, the only option was ...

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Nexus 6 vs Nexus 5 – upcoming differences

google-nexus-6-motorola vs nexus 5

The Nexus 6 release date is closing in, expected to take place on October 15th, venue unknown yet. With all the hype around the new Motorola and Google endeavor into the smartphone market, we are thinking about what the Nexus 6 will change in comparison to the Nexus 5 and so far, we are inclined to say everything. Recent leaks ...

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Android L will be able to support 64-bit architecture


Google announced earlier today that a new Android L developer preview emulator image is now available. The search giant says that the preview is now able to support 64-bit apps and asks developers to consider making apps for this architecture. “Developers, start your 64-bit engines. The x86 64-bit Android L developer preview emulator image is now available,” Google announced earlier. The company ...

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Nexus 9 release and price confirmed by HTC

Nexus 9 release and price confirmed by HTC

Yesterday’s Double Exposure event hosted by HTC brought us the HTC Desire Eye and the HTC Re camera, but the company also managed to sneak in an announcement about the Nexus 9 after the event. According to HTC, the Nexus 9 tablet will be the company’s attempt to re-enter the tablet market after 3 years of absence. Although we were ...

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Android One phones getting CyanogenMod 11

android one

We have become quite accustomed to seeing CyanogenMod everywhere, because we are currently witnessing the actual expansion of Cyanogen Inc. The company has purportedly been approached by Google’s Sundar Pichai who supposedly offered to buy Cyanogen. Rumors say that the company declined Google’s offer, which is odd. At the same time, we’re hearing rumors that Cyanogen will be teaming up ...

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Android Wear receives 1.0.2 update

android wear

Google has spilled the beans about issuing and Android Wear 2.0 update around October 15, which would bring significant improvements to the wearable OS. Supposedly, this major update will bring performance enhancements, stability improvements and the default bug fixes. Android Wear is the most acclaimed software/OS for wearable devices at the moment and the Google Play Store has been receiving thousands of ...

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Google Nexus 5 vs Galaxy S4

Nexus 5

The LG Nexus 5 is the favorite smartphone of many Android enthusiasts in the U.S., and rightly so, since not only does it offer stock Android, but couples it with great specs and pretty good battery life. The Galaxy S4 is a more outdated Samsung phone, but highly regarded nonetheless. Both these flagships can now be included in the budget ...

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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 3

iphone 6

Two new arrivals on the smartphone market have spiked the interest of many tech enthusiasts and otherwise, around the world. The iPhone 6 has just been launched with great hype surrounding it, while the Galaxy Note 4 is already considered one of the best phablet smartphones you can find on the market. But what happens when the allegedly best smartphone ...

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