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The Lawsuit Over Killzone’s Graphics Has Been Dismissed

Killzone law suit

A joint lawsuit claiming that Sony falsely advertised Killzone Shadow Fall has been dismissed by the State of California. In particular, the accusation was directed at certain statements made about the game’s graphics. Sony said that both Killzone’s single-player and multiplayer modes ran in a native 1080p resolution, when in fact it is only the single-player that does so. Since release, ...

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Killzone: Shadow Fall’s low resolution causes Sony to get sued for deceptive marketing

The gaming industry has seen its fair number of lawsuits over the years but this is certainly ones of the strangest in recent memory. Sony Entertainment was sued over the fact that Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer doesn’t run at native 1080p resolution like it was previously advertised. California resident Douglas Ladore – the one who filled the suit – is claiming ...

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Guerrilla Games’ new IP wont be revealed at E3

In a recent AMA session on Reddit, Guerrilla Games revealed some very interesting information. A short while ago, the company released the Intercept DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall. With that out the way, Guerrilla figured this is a good time to sit down with the fans and talk about some of the other things they are working on. Their most ...

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