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Guitar Hero Live Review – Comeback Kid

Guitar Hero Live marks the return of a series that changed the rhythm game genre forever when it began in 2005. After 2010, it seemed like the series was dead. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock launched, but it looked like that was the end of things. Industry experts declared that the era of plastic guitar controllers was over, and we believed them. Now, though, in ...

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Guitar Hero Live: A Brand New Experience

Guitar Hero

Remember how you felt when you first played Guitar Hero?  You felt like a rockstar, right?  The crowd cheering as you aced every riff, the familiar rock songs, even playing side-by-side with your best friend. It was a wonderful, innovative feeling.  However, the weak spin-offs caused the series to lose it’s charm.  Future games were nothing more than clones of their predecessors. ...

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New Guitar Hero trailer revealed

Rhythm-gamers and air guitarist prodigies rejoice, a new iteration in the Guitar Hero series is on the horizon. Publisher Activision ditches the numbered sequel by debuting the first trailer for Guitar Hero Live. The trailer features a first-person point of view where your fictional band is waiting in the green room for the performance of a lifetime. Everyone else seems excited, ...

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Activision May Announce New Guitar Hero at E3

Guitar Hero game

According to sources, Activision currently has a new installment of Guitar Hero in development, presumably to be announced at E3 for a release later this year. The last Guitar Hero game, Warriors of Rock, was released back in 2010 for PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. By that time, the music game fad was fading out and Activision chose to ...

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Rocksmith 2014 arrives on next-gen consoles


Ubisoft announced that Rocksmith is coming to PS4 and Xbox One and it will be available starting November 4. According to the developer, the game has taught over 2 million people to play the guitar. The new-gen version of Rocksmith will have a few notable enhancements. First of all, the game is released in full HD 1080p resolution, which, according ...

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