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The Crew: Embargo Lifts After Launch

The Crew - Embargo Lifts After Launch

Ubisoft has not had a great year and it looks like it may be getting worse for them sadly. As Ubisoft has announced that reviewers will not receive their review copies of The Crew until the day before release, December 1st. The servers for The Crew will also not be up until it’s official launch either. Ubisoft has posted the ...

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Star Citizen makes Guinness World Records book

Star Citizen is not even out yet and is already enjoying an incredible amount of gaming media talk. Now, Chris Roberts, the “big daddy” of Star Citizen proudly reports that the game has breached the $55 million mark in development crowdfunding, which puts Star Citizen in the Guinness Book of World Records “not as the largest crowdfunded game of all ...

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Tom Clancy’s The Division employs custom AA technique

Tom Clancy’s The Division is the commando style action-filled MMO that Ubisoft is planning to launch next year on PC, Xbox One and PS4. After making a huge statement at the E3 event this year, Ubisoft came out recently to let us know they have big plans for the game’s final graphic rendition. Technical director, Anders Holmquist explained that the ...

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Star Citizen: The Ultimate MMO

Cloud Imperium Games and Robert Space Industries are planning to bring to the table a smashing game changer with their upcoming PC title, Star Citizen. Game director, Chris Roberts claims that Star Citizen is one of the hugest MMO space simulator projects the gaming world has ever seen. His claims seem to be backed up by the millions of dollars ...

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Aorus launched the Thunder M7 MMO/MOBA Gaming Mouse

Aorus is taking online gaming to a whole new level with the Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse. It is a well known fact that this genre has been growing exponentially these last few years and is considered to be the most popular around alongside MOBAs. The M7 is specialized for both types of games and comes equipped with 16 programmable macro buttons to ...

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Age of Empires Online officially shut down

Age of Empires Online has been officially taken offline. The MMO real-time strategy game, which was a collaboration between Robot Entertainment (formerly Ensemble) and Gas Powered Games, was taken offline today at 4 PM Pacific Time. The announcement comes via their company blog, and ends a run which began with the game’s launch in August 2011. The final statistics stand ...

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The Crew beta now open for signups

Ubisoft has opened up signups for the closed PC beta of their upcoming massively multiplayer online racer, The Crew, which will begin July 23rd. Ubisoft gave the usual warnings that go along with beta testing, informing players that bugs, glitches, and all manner of missing features as the game is desperate for feedback from players. You can sign up here, ...

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WildStar’s First Content Patch “The Strain” Detailed

Carbine Studios has detailed the upcoming first content patch for WildStar, the studio’s debut MMORPG. The update is titled “The Strain,” and will bring an entire new zone, solo missions, path missions, gear, housing items, costumes, motes and even an emote to the game. The Strain will focus on “something horrible” living within the ground of planet Nexus, bringing new ...

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Planetside 2 coming to PS4 later this year

Sony announced that Planetside 2 will finally arrive for the PS4 sometime this year. The game is a free-to-play MMO shooter, which features battles that take place on a truly massive scale. Planetside 2 was initially released for the PC back in November 2012 and has gathered quite a solid fan base since then. As you might imagine, the PS4 version ...

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