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Aorus launched the Thunder M7 MMO/MOBA Gaming Mouse

Aorus is taking online gaming to a whole new level with the Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse. It is a well known fact that this genre has been growing exponentially these last few years and is considered to be the most popular around alongside MOBAs. The M7 is specialized for both types of games and comes equipped with 16 programmable macro buttons to help you with your noob pawning endeavor. 11 buttons are found on the sides with 8 of them being located on the left and optimized for the thumb. The Aorus M7 MMO Gaming Mouse offers instant execution of commands with maximum efficiency that will make you a lean, mean killing machine.

“The AORUS THUNDER M7 is specifically designed for MMO gamers, who emphasize on emitting accurate and fast attack commands on the battlefield; therefore, AORUS developed the best allocation of the MMO hot-keys with great effort and time to bring the most ergonomically mouse for the gamers. The AORUS THUNDER M7 features with 16 programmable buttons; eight of them are located nearby finger tips while gamers hold the mouse. When pressing the buttons with your thumb from various angles, the gamers can easily emit each different attack which was pre-configured individually.”

The mouse features 4 buttons that will allow you to change between 800/1600/3200/5600 DPI with one click. But in case you need more, there are two other buttons that will allow you to gradually increase the DPI up to a maximum of 8200. Aorus’ Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse also features a Macro Engine that memorizes up to 70 macros and lets you switch between 5 different gaming profiles on the fly. To top it all off, the Thunder M7 sports Omron switches that are only extremely responsive, but also last up to 20 million clicks. For more information about specs and availability check out the official website here.

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