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WildStar’s First Content Patch “The Strain” Detailed

Carbine Studios has detailed the upcoming first content patch for WildStar, the studio’s debut MMORPG. The update is titled “The Strain,” and will bring an entire new zone, solo missions, path missions, gear, housing items, costumes, motes and even an emote to the game. The Strain will focus on “something horrible” living within the ground of planet Nexus, bringing new horrors to WildStar when the horrific virus surfaces. The virus will surface in a new zone named Blighthaven, which will include Cankertube swamp and Globellum. The update will also drastically alter the Northern Wilds, turning it into The Northern Wastes.

The new zone will add new solo quests and path missions to those that have reached endgame content (level 50). Players that have hit max level will be able to partake in a new dungeon-like group area called The Nursery, which will include a boss battle with Elyona the Mad, whom is infected with the strain. Carbine noted that this new area won’t be as difficult as the dungeons in WildStar are, but will still be engaging and exciting.

The update will bring about some incredible-looking new gear and costumes, as well as skins to customize your hoverboard with. Housing items, such as a giant skeletal rib cage, will also be unlocked. Along with the customization options, the update will unlock a new emote, which appears to be an evil laugh. This is the first update of many to come for WildStar. According to Carbine, the second update will be focused on PvP and will bring in a new battleground to the game, although we don’t have any more details just yet.

The Strain doesn’t have a firm release date as of yet, but Carbine says that it will be out no later than July 3, with more information about the update surfacing on June 24-June 30. To check out what Blighthaven and the awesome new customization skins will look like, check out the newly released WildStar flick trailer for The Strain.

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