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Wildstar Update Coming in 2015

Wildstar Update Coming in 2015

Wildstar first released in June of this year. Now the game will soon be receiving its first big update in 2015. In 2015, NCSOFT will release the first big update for Wildstar. Creative Director Chad Moore took to the game’s website to give details on what to expect from the upcoming update. The update will introduce a new low-level training ...

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Wildstar now allows for free transfers between PvP and PvE realms


Carbine Studios has been hard at work implementing the new Megaservers for Wildstar these last couple of months. The developer even announced that it was cancelling the Halloween and Christmas themed events in order to launch the servers on time, so you can imagine how important they are for the company. Well, Megaservers are finally live and Carbine’s wish of ...

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Wildstar will switch to Megaservers later this week


Last month Carbine Studios announced that Megaservers will be coming to Wildstar in order to replace the regular servers. The developer didn’t say much else since then, but it appears that the transition is just around the corner now. Carbine announced earlier today that all Realms will be brought down on Wednesday, October 15th and the Megaservers will be implemented soon after. This ...

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Wildstar: Carbine discusses new content, lore, features and improvements


We reported a few days ago that Wildstar developer Carbine Studios decided to cancel the Halloween and Christmas events so they can focus on more content updates. Earlier today, the developer went into more details regarding the new content included into the next major update. According to Carbine, this will be the biggest Wildstar update to date and will feature ...

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Wildstar will soon get Megaservers, free realm transfers now available


Carbine Studios revealed earlier that they’ve been working on improving the Wildstar servers for quite a while now and will be soon ready to launch the Megaservers. Just as the name suggests, these servers will be able to support a much larger population of players, which should results in more raids, more groups, more activity, more… well, everything. Carbine also says ...

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WildStar gets new PVP oriented content patch called Sabotage


The first major content drop for WildStar was released not that long ago, but NCSoft already announced the next update complete with details and DevSpeak video. Going by the name of Sabotage, the patch will focus on PVP this time around and consists of a brand new 15v15 battleground. The action takes place on Daggerstone Pass, the newly introduced map that ...

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New MMO research reveals that World of Warcraft earned more than $1 billion in 2013


A new report by SuperData Research reveals that Blizzard earned $1,041 billion in revenue from World of Warcraft in 2013. According to the research, WoW was by far the most successful MMORPG last year with a market share of 36%. Several important tiles have switched to free-to-play in recent years, but still earn revenue via microtransactions or other pay-to-win business models ...

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WildStar’s First Content Patch “The Strain” Detailed


Carbine Studios has detailed the upcoming first content patch for WildStar, the studio’s debut MMORPG. The update is titled “The Strain,” and will bring an entire new zone, solo missions, path missions, gear, housing items, costumes, motes and even an emote to the game. The Strain will focus on “something horrible” living within the ground of planet Nexus, bringing new ...

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