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Wildstar will switch to Megaservers later this week

Last month Carbine Studios announced that Megaservers will be coming to Wildstar in order to replace the regular servers. The developer didn’t say much else since then, but it appears that the transition is just around the corner now. Carbine announced earlier today that all Realms will be brought down on Wednesday, October 15th and the Megaservers will be implemented soon after. This means that Wildstar will soon be able to support a much larger number of players than ever before. Carbine hosted a poll not long ago in which players were asked to vote on their favorite names for the Megaservers. It turns out that the North American PvE Megaserver will go by the name of Entity while the PvP one will be called Warhound. As for Europe, their PvE Megaserver will be entitled Jabbit and the PvP one is dubbed Luminai.

All Realms will go down for maintenance this Wednesday, October 15th at 5 PM Pacific Time and they will stay down between 12 and 24 hours. Since this maintenance will take longer than usual, Carbine wants to reward Wildstar players for their patience by offering them a month’s worth of Boom Boxes, one per day for 30 days. In addition, all players will also get a free day of game time. Worth mentioning is that all characters, teams, guilds and items will be moved to the Megaservers. However, characters of levels 1 and 2 who haven’s logged into the game within 30 days will be deleted.

Carbine also announced that surnames will be added to Wildstar along with the Megaservers. “The first time you log into WildStar after the transition, you will be prompted to add a second name – and if you like, you can change your original name at this time as well.” For more details on the Megaservers check out this post on the Wildstar website.

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