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Sega sells Relic Entertainment and cuts multiple teams

Sega has recently made the decision to sell Relic Entertainment to an undisclosed investor, resulting in the unfortunate loss of 240 jobs across various teams in Europe. According to IGN, there will be job losses at Sega Europe, Creative Assembly, and Sega Hardlight. According to reports, the latter will only have a minor impact, while Sega Europe and Creative Assembly ...

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Sega’s upcoming Crazy Taxi revival is set to be a high-quality game

During the Game Awards last year, Sega announced plans to bring back several beloved franchises for today’s gaming systems. Curious about the level of impressiveness these titles might offer? It appears the third-party publisher and developer are really putting in the effort. In a recent interview with The Japan Times, the team at Sega’s Sapporo Studio discussed their involvement in ...

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Sega Sammy unveils the ‘Sega Fave Corporation’ as part of their organizational reorganization

A new entity called “Sega Fave” will be formed as a result of an organizational reorganization announced by Sega Sammy, the business behind Sega. The amusement machine and toy businesses of Sega Corp. and Sega Toys will merge as a result of this. The official press release states that Yukio Sugino will serve as the president and representative director of ...

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The Sega executive wants Sonic to “Surpass Mario” in games and movies

Sonic the Hedgehog originally competed with Mario, although the two have since appeared in other games together. This doesn’t imply competition is over. Sega’s executive director and “Sonic lover,” Osamu Ohashi, said he wants Sonic to “catch” Mario and exceed him in popularity in a new interview (translated by Noisypixel’s Ryuji). He said he wanted the blue blur’s games and ...

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Still on Track for 2026 Release of Sega’s First Super Game

Sega was developing a “Super Game,” and Sega still wants it out by the “fiscal year ending March 2026,” according to its latest report. Sega further reported that the team is making “steady headway in the development of the Super Game” and that it will be a “major title” that scales globally and stands “head and shoulders” above typical games. ...

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Sega & Atlus Airing Special Tokyo Game Show Broadcast This Month

Update: Sega and Atlus revealed their TGS 2023 lineup. Gematsu has the full schedule, including playable demos, trailers, live stream spotlights, and more. Keep in mind that the special broadcast stream will be on September 21. Sega Endless Dungeon Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Sonic Superstars Atlus Persona 3 Reload Persona 5 Tactica Partner Titles ...

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Released is The Sacred Pools FMV Game PS1 ISO from Sega’s canceled “Erotic Thriller” series

After being postponed for 25 years, the FMV game The Sacred Pools has finally been released. This “erotic thriller,” released by SegaSoft, was in development during the conclusion of the FMV fad. On the PS1, Saturn, Windows, and Mac platforms, it was scheduled for release in 1997. However, the game was covertly abandoned following a dismal reception at E3 1996 ...

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Yakuza 7’s Combat Shift Is What The Series Desperately Needed

Yakuza 7 turn-based combat

After an impressive run of 6 mainline installments, the Yakuza series as we know it is about to transform. While they’ll still be crime thrillers set in Japan, starting with 7 we’ll be following a new protagonist and (as we recently learned) will be dealing with a brand new combat system. While 1-6’s combat sufficed, it was definitely well past ...

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Yakuza: Kiwami 2 Demo Download Available Now

Yakuza Kiwami 2 demo download

A remake of the second game in the Yakuza series is coming later this year, with Yakuza: Kiwami 2 being just over a month away from release. Those of you who are interested in checking the game out early will be able to with the demo, which has gone live on the PlayStation Store in the US and Europe. The ...

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The immortal hedgehog ‘Sonic’ is back

Everyone’s favourite – or not so favourite – immortal hedgehog returns to screens this year in the new title Project Sonic 2017 featuring classic Sonic and modern Sonic battling robots side by side in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game’s release date will be later this year and will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. It ...

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