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Still on Track for 2026 Release of Sega’s First Super Game

Sega was developing a “Super Game,” and Sega still wants it out by the “fiscal year ending March 2026,” according to its latest report.

Sega further reported that the team is making “steady headway in the development of the Super Game” and that it will be a “major title” that scales globally and stands “head and shoulders” above typical games.

It’s also been said that a game should attract the “entire gaming ecosystem”—players, streamers, and watchers. In a recent report, the corporation said it intended this super game to be so groundbreaking that it would draw more users than any other initiative.

CEO Haruki Satomi said last year that the project might bank over 100 billion yen (about $670 million USD) in its lifetime.

The Creative Assembly-developed first-person shooter live service game Hyenas was recently canceled by Sega. Sega may have been working on a “Super Game” with this project.

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