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Why Contagion’s “Hunted” Mode Has Me Hooked

I’ll admit it. Multiplayer games are not as popular with me as they are with a lot of people. I find it difficult to get enough players together to play most co-op games, and I hate playing competitive multiplayer games because of the anger involved with most communities. There is, however, one game that solves both of those problems for ...

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The Sheltered Preview: Morals Versus Survival

In games media, especially recently, the discussion about whether or not games must be fun is always an ongoing topic. There are those who believe that if a game does not provide a certain level of entertainment, then it is not worth the time to play. However, on the other side there are those who say that a game doesn’t ...

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State of Decay : The Apocalypse in 1080p


As we put down Dying Light and Dead Rising 3, we wondered what the next undead game would be.  After slashing our way through Harran and Los Perdidos, we come to face to face with yet, another apocalyptic masterpiece.  Ladies and gentlemen, hold your applause, a re-imagined State of Decay is on the way, complete with new content and visuals. Not too ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: 60 Seconds!

Today’s Greenlight standout is 60 Seconds!, an adventure game with elements of survival. Developed by Robot Gentleman, 60 Seconds! is described as an arcade game with a hint of rogue-like elements added for good measure. The initial draw of the game was the interesting visual style that it presents, as well as my curiosity as to what exactly the title ...

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DayZ 2015 Roadmap and Price Increase

DayZ 2015 Roadmap , huge price increase

Fans looking to jump from the mod to the standalone of DayZ may want to get in while they can enter Chenarus at a cheaper price, as the game’s price will be raised from $29.99 to $34.99. Luckily for those DayZ fans, the game is currently 15% off on Steam, which is still cheaper than it was. The DayZ standalone ...

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Deep Silver unveils Escape Dead Island

Dead Island publisher Deep Silver has announced a new installment in the zombie shooter franchise: Escape Dead Island. Developed by Swedish studio Fatshark, Escape Dead Island follows Cliff Carlo as he arrives on the zombie-infested island of Banoi from the first game, weeks after the events of Dead Island, as he and his friends try and find out exactly what ...

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Don’t Starve Together multiplayer announced by Kley

Klei Entertainment is one of those companies that does not have a bad game. In its almost 10 year existence, Klei has brought out a total of 7 critically acclaimed games and has done work on cinematics for Torchlight 2. One of its more recent titles, Don’t Starve, is a wildly successful rogue-like survival game that has sold over one ...

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DayZ-like MMO being developed by Sony

If neither DayZ nor Rust gets you excited, but you’d still like to play a survival online game, there’s hope yet. Seeing how popular survival MMOs have become lately, Sony Online Entertainment will be taking advantage of the potential market, and releasing its own game in the genre, entitled H1Z1. The name most likely comes from the name of the ...

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