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What to expect in The Division’s Incursion update

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On April 12th, The Division will receive some fresh, new content in the form of Incursions, alongside some new sets of armor, new ways to get Phoenix Credits, and some new features that is intended to improve your experience in the game. It should be noted however that this new gear will not make your existing gear obsolete. Instead, it ...

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Destiny going green for April update: Bungie recycles old content, plus pay to win!


As part of Bungie’s commitment to updating Destiny periodically (i.e. whenever they feel like it), the upcoming April update promises to bring a large amount of old content forward to Year Two standards (i.e. bigger numbers). Plus it’s free stuff, since it’s technically just an update. However, it should be kept in mind that as with all of Destiny’s updates, there ...

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The absurdity of the debate over Overwatch’s Tracer and her butt pose


By now, you have probably heard of at least one of the many debates over the portrayal of female characters in modern gaming. From fairly legitimate issues like ridiculous body armor, to well intended but perhaps a little far fetched ones that ask for “realistic” body shapes for unrealistic women, you can pretty much find a complaint (regardless of its legitimacy) about anything and ...

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Is The Division’s endgame already in trouble?


If there is one lesson that Role Playing Games had to learn the hard way, it’s that a good RPG has to have some kind of endgame content to encourage you to keep playing the game, even if you already got the best loot possible and such. The Division is no different, and to that end, it features multiple endgame ...

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The Division review: It’s exactly like Destiny, but with matchmaking!


On paper, The Division and Destiny are almost exactly identical: they are both loot based games that you can’t play offline, and they are both games that encourage the practice of playing with other people. Other than the aforementioned obvious, almost unavoidable comparisons though, the two games are like night and day. You get loot, and you get loot, everybody ...

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