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Overwatch review: The newest way to hate your teammates!

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Conceptually, Overwatch is no different from any other game in that it is certainly not the first game to revolve around fighting with your team and using your character’s abilities to outplay the opposing team. The most obvious direct comparisons that come to mind are Team Fortress 2 and Battleborn, two games that have similarly cartoon-y art styles, vibrant colors, ...

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What’s in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC and is it worth it?


At almost half the price of a full retail game, Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC is unquestionably one of the more expensive DLCs for any game in recent memory. Although it was advertised as the largest singular piece of DLC that Bethesda has done to date, it isn’t really much of a comparison when all of their previous games were ...

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Overwatch beta impressions: It’s like Team Fortress 2 with butts!

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Every once in a while, a game comes around and revitalizes an otherwise fairly stagnant genre. These days, no genre has become more stagnant than shooters, with every major developer and publisher pumping out the same kinds of super realistic, super gritty, or super competitive games. This is where something like Blizzard’s Overwatch comes in, introducing something that is so ...

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Achievement Hunter visits new low point with Theater Mode


For the better part of the last decade, Let’s Plays have been a large part of gaming related content on Youtube and elsewhere, due in no small part to groups like Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter and the proliferation of things like gameplay capture devices and services. Now that the market for “watching other people play the same games over and ...

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Is The Division’s Incursion poorly made?


Before The Division was released, it was speculated that even though there would not be any traditional raids, additional endgame content in the form of Incursions would function as the rough equivalent to raids. As it turns out, that speculation is more or less correct, as the release of The Division’s first Incursion has proven. However, it appears as though ...

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Is Destiny’s newest update worth getting into?

Obligatory microtransaction option that contains "cosmetic" items

If you’ve been paying any attention to Destiny lately, you may have noticed a certain air of discontent among some of the more avid members of its audience. Among other things, there were complaints about how you essentially have to deal with three layers of RNG when getting loot (and bad loot in general), a lack of endgame content, and ...

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