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Super Mario Run Arrives on Apple Devices

super mario run

Those who own an Apple device can now welcome Super Mario Run to their gadgets. Nintendo’s mobile game based on the character who made our lives a lot more fun in the 80’s and 90’s will reach iPhones and iPads starting Thursday. Unfortunately for some, the mobile game is not entirely free. However, the $9.99 price tag of the game ...

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Man Spends $1million Of Company’s Money On Game of War

game of war

A usual Game of War player spends in average$550 a year on the game. A man from Sacramento, California spent approximately $1 million on the same mobile game. This wouldn’t have been a problem if he had spent his own money on in-game credits. unfortunately for Kevin Lee Co, he used the credit cards of the company he worked at ...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Ditches Audio Jack and Home Button

samsung galaxy s8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of next year. Even though the handset is thought to be unveiled at the MWC 2017 at the end of February 2017, a lot of rumors regarding the device surfaced on the web already. Some thought that the upcoming Samsung flagship will offer a 4K display, possibly a more ...

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Sony’s Fate is Just as popular in Japan as Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go was definitely one of the most popular games of this year, if not one of the most popular ever released. We all remember the frenzy that took over players in the summer and all the trouble it caused. of course, it also made people more active, which is a plus, so we’ll give it the credit it deserves. ...

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Final Fantasy XV Fans Now Have a Dedicated Sony Walkman

final fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV fans only have to wait until tomorrow for the JRPG to make its debut. Naturally, merchandising already started, and Sony didn’t remain on the side. The Japanese tech giant unveiled a brand new Final Fantasy XV Walkman alongside matching headphones and portable speaker. All of the above have a specific FF XV print, so fans will definitely ...

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Mad Sheila is Mad Max’s Chinese Version

mad sheila

Mad Max is not only a movie: it is a masterpiece. especially if we think of the 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road, starring the incredible Charlize Theron in the role of Furiosa. In case you loved that particular movie, you might want to check out what the Chinese have made out of it: Mad Sheila. That’s right, they didn’t even ...

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Artificial Intelligence Better at lip-reading than Humans

artificial intelligence

Even though a few decades ago artificial intelligence was just a concept people were dreaming about, now it surrounds us. It is embedded in our gadgets, it works as our personal assistant, and in some cases, it proves to be better than a human being. One of these cases is the field of lip-reading. According to some studies cited by ...

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If you can’t afford Apple products, buy pictures of them

Everyone knows that Apple products are (usually) high quality, but they come with a price. And not necessarily a low one, to be honest. Well, in case you would like to have all the company’s products, but you can’t afford to get them, now you can [urchase a catalog that contains pictures of them. That’s the next best thing, isn’t ...

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PlayStation User Accounts Possibly Hacked


In the past few days, a great number of PlayStation Network users from the UK reported that their accounts were possibly hacked. According to BBC News, more than 100 gamers contacted Sony to report the problem, mostly on the company’s Twitter page. 100 users may not seem a lot, but in only two or three days, it may actually be ...

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iPhone 7 Copies Galaxy Note 7 and Burns User

iPhone 7 - specs and release date rumors

One of the most widespread news of the fall was the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had a tendency to overheat and burn users. Sometimes it even burnt cars and caused other material damages too. This way, its main competitor, the iPhone 7 only had to stay cool and do almost nothing in order to be considered the better ...

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