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Man Spends $1million Of Company’s Money On Game of War

A usual Game of War player spends in average$550 a year on the game. A man from Sacramento, California spent approximately $1 million on the same mobile game. This wouldn’t have been a problem if he had spent his own money on in-game credits. unfortunately for Kevin Lee Co, he used the credit cards of the company he worked at in order to do so. According to BBC News, the game enthusiast from California started spending his employer’s money back in 2008. He continued to do so until last year. Of course, Game of War in-game credits weren’t the only ones he purchased with the stolen money.

The man also bought luxury cars and season tickets to NFL team the San Francisco 49ers. Some of the stolen money was spent on season tickets to basketball team the Sacramento Kings, plastic surgery, and golf course membership. We have to admit, Mr. Co sure knew how to have fun. Over a period of seven years, the man managed to hide transactions worth approximately $4.8 million. However, the fact that he spent more than a fifth of this sum on Game of War tells us that he is a serious player.

According to data analysts Slice Intelligence, the majority of players opt for buying $52 crates of gold in the game. For $1 million, Mr. Co probably purchased a whole lot of it. Unfortunately for the big spender, in order to be able to spend this much money on a mobile game he needed to commit wire fraud and money laundering. And he got caught. The  two charges each carry jail terms of up to 20 years. However, thanks to the plea deal Mr. Co made with the US government’s attorney, he could get a lesser punishment. The game enthusiast will be sentenced in may 2017, according to BBC News. We encourage people to enjoy the games they play and occasionally spend smaller amounts of money on their pleasures. However, we don’t encourage them to follow the example offered by Kevin Lee Co.

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