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Load The Game’s experienced editors guide you through the newest gaming trends. Comparisons, charts, analysis and insights about the on-going evolution of the gaming industry are some of the topics the LTG team covers here. Whether you are a Nintendo Wii users, an Xbox One gamer or a PC enthusiast, we have interesting things to share!


The REQ system in Halo 5 is practically the greatest thing ever

At some point in gaming history, it was decided that randomized rewards would encourage people to invest more time into certain games. Soon after, microtransactions were tied to the randomized rewards, drawing a fine line between gambling and gaming. Halo 5 is the latest game to follow this trend with it’s REQ system, letting you earn cosmetic items and more ...

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What is happening in Halo 5’s story? The good, the bad, and the odd

Ever since 343 Industries took over the Halo franchise just over three years ago, they had the (somewhat unenviable) task of continuing the story of the Master Chief. In Halo 4, they took it in an interesting direction by essentially questioning exactly how mentally stable the Chief is. Prior to Halo 5 releasing, the marketing campaign revolved around the possibility ...

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Top Twelve Games for Halloween

Halloween is upon us, and, for gamers, that can only mean one thing: It’s time to play (or replay) some amazing horror-based games. Video games have become just as much of a Halloween tradition as scary movies, haunted houses, and pumpkin patches. Every year, we feel an itch to turn the lights off, turn on our consoles, and willingly subject ...

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Is Destiny’s Iron Banner absolutely broken?

The tale of the Iron Banner and it’s rise to prominence… Throughout Destiny’s shaky first year, the Iron Banner monthly event was always in a bit of a limbo. The first iteration was undeniably terrible as fresh characters could compete with high level characters and the rewards were only useful from an aesthetic standpoint. Furthermore, the only time you could ...

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Star Wars Battlefront: First impressions from the beta

When it was announced that the long awaited sequel to the Battlefront series would be developed by EA, perhaps you were filled with dread, or perhaps excitement, that the makers of the Battlefield series would be focusing on bringing their expertise with large scale infantry and vehicular combat to the Star Wars universe. Now, the wait is over, and we ...

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Do multiplayer only games work?

Between the upcoming Rainbow 6 Siege, Star Wars Battlefront, and Call of Duty Black Ops III for the last generation of consoles, it seems like more and more developers are starting to consider ditching single player campaigns in favor of multiplayer exclusive games. Whereas it was once a practice to tack on multiplayer onto games that didn’t need them, nowadays ...

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Are Amiibo Cards the Future of Amiibo?

Not too long ago, Nintendo announced that they have shipped around 10.5 million Amiibo since their launch late last year. However, we’re all aware of the issues surrounding the availability of Amiibo figures. Some figures are damn near impossible to find, and even if you can find one for sale, it’s probably from a scalper who’s going to charge you way ...

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The Books of Sorrow and the Taken King’s story

By now, you have probably collected a large number of the 50 calcified fragments if you wish to obtain one of Destiny’s newest exotic weapons, the Touch of Malice. With each calcified fragment, you open up another chapter in the Books of Sorrow, a collection of stories that detail the origin of the Hive and Oryx, the Taken King. In ...

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