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Load The Game’s experienced editors guide you through the newest gaming trends. Comparisons, charts, analysis and insights about the on-going evolution of the gaming industry are some of the topics the LTG team covers here. Whether you are a Nintendo Wii users, an Xbox One gamer or a PC enthusiast, we have interesting things to share!


The absurdity of the debate over Overwatch’s Tracer and her butt pose

By now, you have probably heard of at least one of the many debates over the portrayal of female characters in modern gaming. From fairly legitimate issues like ridiculous body armor, to well intended but perhaps a little far fetched ones that ask for “realistic” body shapes for unrealistic women, you can pretty much find a complaint (regardless of its legitimacy) about anything and ...

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Is The Division’s endgame already in trouble?

If there is one lesson that Role Playing Games had to learn the hard way, it’s that a good RPG has to have some kind of endgame content to encourage you to keep playing the game, even if you already got the best loot possible and such. The Division is no different, and to that end, it features multiple endgame ...

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What is going on in the new Ghostbusters trailer?

Love them or hate them, reboots and spiritual successors are simultaneously the easiest and the hardest way for any movie or game franchise to make money. On the one hand, you already have an established audience (take a look at anything Star Wars related and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary). On the other hand, this also means that you have an ...

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Can Fallout 4’s upcoming DLC live up to previous Fallout DLCs?

Following up on one of the largest game releases in recent history, Bethesda has just announced that Fallout 4 will receive a substantial amount of DLC content. Among other things, you will get to go to Maine (to exterminate some dirty synths, if that’s what you’re into), fight the Mechanist and his robots in the Commonwealth, and capture some of the Commonwealth’s ...

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