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Load The Game’s experienced editors guide you through the newest gaming trends. Comparisons, charts, analysis and insights about the on-going evolution of the gaming industry are some of the topics the LTG team covers here. Whether you are a Nintendo Wii users, an Xbox One gamer or a PC enthusiast, we have interesting things to share!


What is going on in the new Ghostbusters trailer?

Love them or hate them, reboots and spiritual successors are simultaneously the easiest and the hardest way for any movie or game franchise to make money. On the one hand, you already have an established audience (take a look at anything Star Wars related and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary). On the other hand, this also means that you have an ...

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Can Fallout 4’s upcoming DLC live up to previous Fallout DLCs?

Following up on one of the largest game releases in recent history, Bethesda has just announced that Fallout 4 will receive a substantial amount of DLC content. Among other things, you will get to go to Maine (to exterminate some dirty synths, if that’s what you’re into), fight the Mechanist and his robots in the Commonwealth, and capture some of the Commonwealth’s ...

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Aria’s Game of the Year Winners – 2015

As we turn our backs on 2015, it’s time to round up our favorite games of the year. We saw a lot of excellent video games last year, and everybody has their own list of favorites. I thought that a fun way to start off the year would be to share my favorite games of 2015 with you. So, without ...

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Can Bungie sustain Destiny’s (alleged) 10 year plan?

Many years and one generation of consoles ago, a developer called Bungie set out on one of the most ambitious projects of all time. Though people were anxious, they had faith that Bungie would bring about a new franchise that would last for years, the same way that Halo has become one of the biggest gaming franchises ever. And at ...

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And the best Fallout 4 companion award goes to…Preston Garvey

Now that Fallout 4 has been out for just over a month, it’s entirely possible that you may have finished the main quest and are looking to complete your second playthrough. Maybe you want to experiment with a different playstyle, maybe you want to see if there are any major decisions or interesting locations that you missed the first time, ...

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