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Load The Game’s experienced editors guide you through the newest gaming trends. Comparisons, charts, analysis and insights about the on-going evolution of the gaming industry are some of the topics the LTG team covers here. Whether you are a Nintendo Wii users, an Xbox One gamer or a PC enthusiast, we have interesting things to share!


Bargain Bucket: Murdered: Soul Suspect – Re-Review

Some games get unfairly slated by critics at the time of their release, with reviewers focusing more on technical deficiencies rather than humour, story-telling and soul. A game like Deadly Premonition which was bashed in the media at its time of original release for Xbox 360 is a prime example. The game was a clunky mess, but had a story ...

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PC vs Xbox One

PC vs. Console: Converting to the Master Race

You may be familiar with the console wars in which the fans of three factions; Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, battle it out on discussion boards and comment sections, determined to prove why their console is better than the other. Until very recently there has been a faction mostly overlooked, which is actually showing its face more commonly in these discussions, and ...

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Witcher 3

Is Hype Really So Bad?

As E3 grows ever-closer, the eternal conflict between cynical games journalists and PR specialists wages on. The former warning us against the dangers of getting excited for unreleased products, and the latter trying to get us all to board the hype train for these new releases, keeping the community buzzing. While hype can, in fact, be dangerous to the consumers, it’s ...

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A Sinking Ship: the Rise and Fall of SEGA

SEGA was founded in 1940; in Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally calling themselves “Service Games,” the company at the time produced coin-operated slot machines. But it wasn’t until more than 40 years later that the soon-to-be monolith would really establish itself in the hearts and minds of many. With SEGA SG-1000 video game console and onwards, the famous and once-king of the video ...

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What happened to Motion Controls?

Christmas 2006, my family and I crowded around the TV after the turkey had been picked clean and watched in amazement as my little brother flailed his arms around hitting tennis balls, and throwing bowling balls, he was having a temper tantrum because I had taken over his brand new Nintendo Wii. It was the first time me or any ...

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Why I switched from iOS to Android.

The Big Question The old argument is old. Which operating system, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, reigns supreme? Though both have their pros and cons, I have personally made the switch from iOS to Android on my phone, and I am here to share my first impressions and why I switched. Customization The original reason for myself switching was the ...

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Bargain Bucket: Driveclub Re-Review

That time of year is nearly upon us, the desolate summer months where triple A gaming stops for its vacation and gamers are left with a dark void to fill as they shy away from the sunshine. As the gaming release schedule becomes less packed I have cast an eye back to the games I missed over the last year. ...

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Project CARS: Will This put Forza on the Ropes?

Being a long time Forza veteran, I expected to pick up Project CARS today and jump in to another relatively easy going racing game. I could not have been more wrong. After the game installed (about thirty minutes when installing from the disc) I booted up the first option available: a quick play that would drop me into any race of ...

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