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Steins;Gate 0 Receives Western Release

Visual novels have come a long way in a very short period of time. Not too long ago, the average gamer most likely wouldn’t even know what a visual novel is. Nowadays though, many visual novels have gone on to experience critical and commercial success. Just to name a few, Ace Attorney, Zero Escape and Steins;Gate are all visual novels ...

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Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds arrives in Spring 2017

  The most popular otome series, Hakuoki, is back in spring 2017; Aksys has announced that it will again be responsible for bringing the title over to the US. The new title, albeit a remake of the original Hakuoki game, will also feature new characters, love interests, and episodes. For avid otome gamer’s, the new title Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds will ...

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PlayStation User Accounts Possibly Hacked

In the past few days, a great number of PlayStation Network users from the UK reported that their accounts were possibly hacked. According to BBC News, more than 100 gamers contacted Sony to report the problem, mostly on the company’s Twitter page. 100 users may not seem a lot, but in only two or three days, it may actually be ...

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Bad Apple Wars is not as ‘bad’ as it sounds

Bad Apple Wars is another otome game, originally developed and published by Otomate for the PS Vita, that is set to be published by Aksys ; Aksys has not confirmed the released date yet of Bad Apple Wars but has announced that the date will be sometime in 2017. A brief glance at Bad Apple Wars is all it takes ...

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dangaronpa v3 released

Another bout against despair begins in Danganronpa V3

A new fight against despair begins in Danganronpa V3. Spike Chunsoft has announced that the release date for New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shingakki will be on January 12, 2017 in Japan, and that the game will be available on the following platforms including the PS Vita and Playstation 4. This upcoming title will be the third instalment in ...

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Laser Disco Defenders PS4 Anouncement

I feel sorry for disco at times, particularly with the way that people look back on it. It was a very popular movement back in the day, but isn’t looked on very fondly nowadays. Particularly telling when it is most commonly referred to in the term “deader than disco.” Although some people still seem to have fond memories of the ...

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Playstation Store October Sales Finish Today!

If you haven’t already gone and grabbed yourself a bargain from Playstation’s latest sale, the October savings, then this might be your last chance to do so. The sales are ending tomorrow and everything  included will soon be back up to their depressingly high prices that the Playstation store loves to dish out, trust me, its ridiculous. If you act ...

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Period Cube in 2017

‘Period Cube’ hits US in 2017

Period Cube is another otome title developed by Otomate; Aksys announced that it would release the game in 2017 alongside three other otome visual novels. The game’s release date was earlier this year on May 19 in Japan. Otome fans can once again expect to immerse themselves in a story brimming with romance in a distinct and novel context with ...

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akiba's beat preview

Akiba’s Beat to be Featured at AkibaFest

AkibaFest, an annual convention held this weekend in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, will be playing host to two panels regarding the upcoming game, Akiba’s Beat. A game that has been highly anticipated by fans of the series. The panels, humorously titled “Uptown Beatdowns with XSEED Games,” will take place on October 16th and 17th, and will be hosted by the ...

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The US awaits the release of Collar x Malice

Aside from Code: Realize ~ Future Blessings ~ otome fans can also look forward to the upcoming release of the otome game, Collar x Malice. Collar x Malice is a love, suspense, and adventure visual novel devolved by Otomate and Design Factory for the PS Vita. The game’s initial release was in Japan on August 18 and during the most ...

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