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Period Cube in 2017

‘Period Cube’ hits US in 2017

Period Cube is another otome title developed by Otomate; Aksys announced that it would release the game in 2017 alongside three other otome visual novels. The game’s release date was earlier this year on May 19 in Japan. Otome fans can once again expect to immerse themselves in a story brimming with romance in a distinct and novel context with this title. Similar to previous Otomate games such as Amnesia and Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth ~ the game, Period Cube, will feature at least five romantic interests; it will also only be available to play on the PS Vita.

Unlike other otome visual novels, Period Game recounts the numerous experiences and interactions the hero has as she journeys into a virtual world and begins playing the online RPG game, ‘Arcadia’, in the hope of finding clues as to the whereabouts of her missing brother. Players may find the story’s theme reminiscent of the Sword of Art Online anime series, as in Period Cube the protagonist discovers that in order to escape from the virtual world she must complete the game. The protagonist also learns that, within this terrifying virtual fantasy world, she is the key to clearing the game –the holy sword and is the target of all the other players in the world.

While the release date for Period Cube in the US is still unknown, otome fans can still look towards the official website for stunning still shots from the game and begin to familiarise themselves with the various voices of all the potential love interests in the game. The voice acting cast list includes Umehara Yuuichirou who does the vocals for a character in the fall anime series Magic Kyun!Renaissance and Sakurai Takahiro who played the role as Yagami Tomoe in the 2015 Prince of Stride anime series.

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