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Evolve DLC controversy

Turtle Rock discusses Evolve and the need for DLC

Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve is shaping up to be one of the best new IPs of 2015 and that’s exactly why it’s so sad to see it afflicted by the DLC curse that already killed a lot of potentially great games. Following a couple of recent announcements, gamers who were eagerly anticipating the upcoming title are quickly starting to realize that simply ...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s most popular gender

Bioware have revealed Dragon Age: Inquisition’s most popular gender. The graph was released on Dragon Age: Inquisition’s official twitter feed. This comes shortly after a graph showing what kinds of dragons players killed in Ferelden and Orlais, which Bioware released a few days ago on twitter. Inquisitors have slain 2,602,377 dragons. Predictably enough the most commonly killed dragons are those in lower-level ...

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Xbox One vs PS 4

Xbox One gets $50 price cut yet again, now available for $350

Microsoft has made a few bad decisions with the Xbox One in the months following its launch, which lead rival PS4 to gain a considerable lead in terms of sales. Realizing their mistake, the Redmond-based company then tried to make up for it by removing the Kinect, releasing monthly updates, and announcing various promotions. One such promotion was the temporary $50 price ...

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Anita Sarkeesian interview on Nightline

The feminist critic and resident troublemaker Anita Sarkeesian has appeared on an ABC nightline interview. The Anita Sarkeesian interview is called “What It Feels Like to Be a Gamergate Target” and explores the fear that women in the gaming community have felt during the Gamergate controversy. For those who aren’t familiar, Anita Sarkeesian runs a YouTube channel called Feminist Frequency. ...

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Telltale Games promise explosive 2015

Telltale Games’ new CEO Kevin Bruner has recently revealed that the California-based studio are working on a mysterious new series. He has also hinted at “unannounced partnerships”, implying that new series are going to be announced later this year. The creation of a new IP is a first for Tellale Games, who have previously only created games based on established universes, such as The ...

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Pillars of Eternity release date finally revealed after initial delay

Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Games have announced a Pillars of Eternity release date. The Pillars of Eternity release date is slated for March and will accompany a worldwide launch. The announcement was made recently on Paradox Interactive’s official website and it is going to be followed by the release of new “never-before-seen content”. Pillars of Eternity is being developed by the creators of Knights of the Old Republic ...

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Patch 6.1 brings lots of changes to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft patch 6.1 brings Twitter integration, upgradable Heirlooms, Veteran Edition accounts

Curious to find out what the next major World of Warcraft patch will bring to the table? Well, you don’t need to wait for Blizzard to make an official announcement because the change log for patch 6.1 has already been leaked online. An interesting new feature that will make its way to the game soon will apparently be Twitter integration. If you ...

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