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Bayonetta 2 Direct revealed for Thursday

Nintendo of America has recently shared an image via its official Twitter, announcing a special Bayonetta 2 Direct coming this Thursday – meaning tomorrow. The presentation will kick-off at 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT, and will – of course –  focus on the upcoming sequel slated exclusively for the Wii U. Even if the first Bayonetta game was ...

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Mighty No. 9 Beta has started

Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9, Mega Man’s spiritual successor, started its first Beta on September 1. All those who have pledged $80 or more on Comcept USA’s Kickstarter campaign, or have been lucky enough to have been at the Mighty Chat PAX Prime panel on August 30, received a beta code that enables them to download the fifth level of ...

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Nintendo answers fans’ petition to include Robin Williams in the next Legend of Zelda game

After Robin Williams passed away, a petition surfaced online, asking Nintendo to include Robin Williams as an NPC in the new Legend of Zelda game. To date, the petition has gained approximately 109.000 supporters, nearly three times the number of needed signatures. As a response to the fan-issued petition, Nintendo has released a statement today: “Robin Williams was loved at ...

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Harmonix hints at next generation Rock Band

Harmonix has made a survey available to users asking about the future of the Rock Band series. The survey suggests that the developer may be looking at bringing back the music series. The short survey asks a number of questions about Rock Band. It asks how regularly gamers play the game, how often players buy DLC and on what consoles ...

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Fatal Frame

Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame title gets first trailer

The latest Fatal Frame title, known as Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko, has gotten its first trailer along with a host of new screenshots. The game will see players controlling a new protagonist who is instructed to go to a sacred mountain where spirits can be brought back to the world of the living. It will take advantage of the Wii ...

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition out now

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition has released today according to developer DrinkBox Studios. The game is an updated version of the original Guacamelee! that released last year. The new title adds an expanded story mode, new areas to explore, a three-headed skeleton boss known as The Trio of Death along with numerous new enemies and abilities. The developer has also ...

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