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Here Maps updated for Android And Windows Phone worldwide


Here Maps is one of the best navigation applications that can easily rival with Google Maps and it just received a worldwide update today. The new Here Maps update brings more roads and buildings into your app, no matter where you live. You will start receiving new notifications telling you about new maps that are available for Here Maps, and ...

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Watch the Super Bowl live online


The Super Bowl is starting soon and many of you would rather watch it online or don’t have the possibility of getting to a big screen TV or the game itself in Glendale, Arizona. The game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots kicks off starting 3:30 pm ET on Sunday, so there’s not much time left. If ...

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Beware Android: Microsoft is investing in Cyanogen


Cyanogen stated that Android should be free from Google and become a completely open OS that people could truly take advantage of. Regardless of how your or me feel about that statement, it has caught the attention of one of the biggest companies on the planet: Microsoft. In a new Wall Street Journal report, it is unveiled that Microsoft seems ...

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Kodak IM5 is a mid-range Android smartphone with a gimmicky camera

Kodak finally unveils their IM5 Android smartphone

Even though we heard that Kodak is planning on getting into the smartphone business, we didn’t know exactly what to expect until now. The once-famous camera manufacturer finally let the cat out of the bag earlier today at CES 2015 and revealed the IM5 handset. So what are we looking at here? Well, at first glance some might understandably dismiss ...

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Razer announces Android-based gaming console called Forge TV

This is how Razer's Forge TV micro-console looks like.

All the big boys from the tech industry are currently at the CES 2015 waiting to unveil all their latest and greatest products. Among them, we find Razer, which already announced a number of new gadgets, including something that goes by the name of Forge TV. Although the name might hint at something else, the Forge TV is actually an ...

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Skype security flaw allows for easy spying on Android users

A security flaw with Skype allows for eavesdropping on Android users

Did you ever wish that you could just spy on someone via Skype? Well, apparently now you can. Multiple recent reports are claiming that you can literally force an Android device to answer your call and the owner of the said device might not even be aware of what you’re up to. In short, you can call someone and just answer ...

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First Nokia Android smartphone surfaces complete with specs

The Nokia C1 will be the company's first Android smartphone

The folks over at Nokia are allegedly developing on a new smartphone despite the fact that they can’t manufacture such products themselves until 2016 due to the Microsoft acquisition. The company already announced a new tablet called Nokia N1, so this is not the first device currently in the works, but it is the first phone. According to recently surfaced information, ...

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