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CES 2015: LG demoes dual-edge smartphone in secrecy


Dual-edge and edge display smartphones are getting more and more popular each day, with offerings ranging from the Galaxy Note Edge to the Xiaomi Arch and even the Galaxy S6, supposedly. OEMs are getting into the trend fast and LG is not staying behind. A dual-edge smartphone was demoed by LG at the CES 2015 exhibition, but you probably didn’t ...

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CES 2015: Samsung SSD: extremely fast and power efficient


The latest Samsung SSD was introduced at CES 2015 this week and we are thinking that this is the future of high-performance computing. The South Korean company says that the PCIe (M.2) Samsung SSD will be the fastest in the industry and it will sport a feature none other have: the fact that it won’t consume any power whatsoever when ...

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Flexible iPhone might put an end to ‪#‎bendgate‬


With the launch of the LG G Flex 2, people are starting to get more and more interested in flexible, bendable phones and Apple seems to be catching up to the latest trend. A patent for a flexible iPhone has been given to the Cupertino-based company by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. While the patent unveiling isn’t a ...

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Self-driving BMW i3 series can park like professionals


Autonomous cars are getting more and more popular, various companies trying to catch up to Google’s attempts, and they are progressing fast. The newly unveiled self-driving BMW i3 series gathered quite the crowd at CES 2015 showing off a couple of cars that might be better drivers than me. Let me rephrase that: they already are better drivers than I ...

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Toyota hydrogen fuel cell patents released to the world


We’ve all seen the Mirai and the Lexus Limousine running on the Toyota hydrogen fuel cell technology, but we thought that the Japanese company would be a pioneer and a sole player in the world of hydrogen fuel cell. It seems the company won’t be keeping the revolutionary technology to itself, as the latest info says that they will be ...

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