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Samsung’s Galaxy line receives a new phone

Samsung teases through Indian web store

The Newest Samsung Galaxy Phone, The ON8.  One of India’s top Tech and accessories shops have just teased the release of a new Samsung Galaxy phone. This new Samsung galaxy phone is to be called the Samsung galaxy ON8. As the shop is gearing up for a Big Billion Day sale event they have given a special thanks to they ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs LG G3 Stylus – Veteran vs newcomer


This year’s edition of the IFA Trade Show is bound to be a very exciting one as pretty much all the important companies from the industry will be there to present their latest products. Of course, this happens every year, but this year competition has been particularly fierce so everyone is trying even harder to prove that their devices are ...

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Xiaomi MIUI 6 revealed – beta testers wanted


Xiaomi has announced the launch of the Xiaomi MIUI 6 for August 16 and many have been hyped about the update which will be based on Android Kitkat. After the launch event, the company has called for beta testers to apply. The MIUI 6 will be a new Android firmware and advertises itself as “visually stunning and stunningly simple” and ...

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Budget smartphones: LG L70 vs. Motorola Moto G


Flagship phones are somewhat expensive for the average person’s pocket, especially if you’re in your 20s, studying and maybe work an entry-level job, so most of us can’t really afford them, even if we choose a carrier to purchase them. Usually, with carriers and flagship phones, you have to get a 2 year binding contract with at least a $30 ...

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Buy World of Warcraft for a ridiculously low price


Presumably in an effort to compete with the Steam and GOG Summer Sales, Blizzard is offering their own discounts. The World of Warcraft Summer Sale has just started today and you can buy the legendary MMORPG for a ridiculously low price. The original game plus the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm expansions together now only cost $10. For ...

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India will introduce $25 Firefox OS smartphones


Two companies in India are planing to introduce unlocked smartphones as cheap as $25. These phones are going to run the Firefox OS. This is a browser-based operating system so it runs a version of Firefox that’s light enough to run on mobile phones hardware. It’s basically a stripped-down OS that doesn’t run native apps like the Android OS does, it ...

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HP 7 Plus is now available in the U.S. for only $100


If you’re looking for a cheap Android tablet, chances are you wont find a better deal than the HP 7 Plus. The tablet has already been available in Europe for some time but has only debuted in the U.S. recently. Although the device’s specs aren’t exactly impressive, you’re unlikely to find anything cheaper on the market that the HP 7 Plus, ...

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