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Xiaomi Mi Note Pro vs Galaxy Note 4: behemoth show-off


The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and its lesser counterpart that lacks the “pro” derivative in its name was just launched yesterday and people were quite impressed with the Chinese phablet. Xiaomi promised that it would blow our minds on January 15th and while we weren’t completely taken by surprise, we sure enjoyed the show. The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and ...

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Mlais M7 – flagship with fingerprint sensor for just $171 unlocked

Chinese smartphones are usually not as popular because people have this preconception, I’m inclined to call it stigma towards them. In the past, Chinese companies had made themselves a bad reputation for making cheap quality devices that don’t last very much and that seems to have stuck with them in the international tech community. What we need not forget is ...

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Oppo R7 design is most impressive of all


The Oppo R7 is the upcoming leader in bezelless smartphones, demonstrated in a new Oppo R7 hands on video that was published on Youtube earlier today. Even though when you think bezelless, you think truly bezelless on all sides, but most tech enthusiasts know that at the moment, that is impossible as there still has to be room for hardware ...

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Meizu MX5 in the works, probably the best phone ever


We’ve been very impressed with the Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro, but the company seems to have even more impressive things up its sleeve, namely the Meizu MX5. Rumors about the new flagship have started surfacing online today, telling a tale about the best smartphone we’ve ever thought of, mostly because of its camera. There are many high-spec Chinese smartphones ...

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The king of bezel-less phones: Serendipity S7


Many were impressed with the Sharp Aquos Crystal and Aquos Crystal X thanks to the bezel-less design the company employed, as well as to the low price tag they launched the phone with. While there are many contenders out there for the king of bezel-less smartphones award, a newcomer named Serendipity S7 might be the most attractive of them all. ...

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ZTE will be rivaling Xiaomi with three new gadgets tomorrow


ZTE is holding a press conference tomorrow, January 17th 2015 and they will be unleashing three new gadgets to rival with Xiaomi’s new launches of the 15th. Yesterday, Xiaomi revealed two behemoth devices that definitely deserve all the attention they are getting: the Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. The first device can rival last year’s flagships and even ...

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Meizu MX4 vs Galaxy Note 4: cheap vs feature-packed


The Meizu MX4 is a recent launch from the Chinese company which has gained quite a lot of popularity in the past few months, thanks to their affordable high-end smartphones. Even though the Meizu MX4 Pro has already been announced and many surprise handsets coming in the future, the Meizu MX4 is out best bet when it comes to high ...

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