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VR Monster Awakens Enters Steam Early Access

VR Monster Awakens is a destruction-filled arcade game geared towards fun times with friends.

Many recent virtual reality experiences have been designed so that people can experience being a human in a virtual world, but VR Monster Awakens allows the player be a monster. The premise is simple: you, the monster, are disturbed in your sleep, so you awake and wreak havoc! The visuals look very much like Minecraft: boxy people, buildings and environment. FIGHT4DREAM, ...

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ARK: Surival Evolved Winter Wonderland 2

We’ve talked about ARK: Survival Evolved plenty of times. It’s a game that has had a lot happen to it. There have been updates, expansions, ports, and controversies. It’s a very interesting game to observe, as it holds a very unique place in the gaming industry. In some ways it’s pushing boundaries, and in other ways it’s treading a dangerous ...

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ARK: Survival Evolved Getting PS4 Release

ARK: Survival Evolved has had a very strange history on Steam’s Early Access. Unlike many games in the program, it has run very well and it was clear it had a lot of work put into it. It received a constant stream of updates, with long term support for the game being a definite factor. Despite this, it managed to ...

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Hired Ops Released on Early Access

First-person shooters are a genre that has become an iconic part of modern gaming. Ever since the release of Wolfenstein 3D, gamers have come to partially associate modern gaming with mowing down enemies from behind the safety of a weapon. Hundreds, if not thousands of different FPSs have been created over the decades since. As a result, it’s become a ...

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We Happy Few – First Impressions

We Happy Few is one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Trailers and early-access gameplay blew gamers away last year – since PAX East 2015, it’s been near impossible to talk about upcoming games without someone mentioning We Happy Few. Now, players on Xbox One and PC can finally play the game. So that’s what we’ve done! Keep in mind that this ...

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Xbox Game Preview – Early Access on Console

Xbox Game Preview

Today at Xbox’s E3 conference they announced a new feature for the console called Xbox Game Preview. The new feature will be available immediately, so feel free to jump onto your console and check it out. The new feature is essentially early access, like on Steam, but on your Xbox One console. If you sign up for the program you ...

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Killing Floor 2 Preview – Guts and Gorey

Killing Floor 2 Preview

Chances are if you’re viewing this you know Tripwire Interactive, a company who seems to sacrifice graphic superiority and overall smoothness for sheer pleasure and challenge. Killing Floor wouldn’t be the first game to sacrifice something in the name of the game though, Tripwire merely decided to focus on specific aspects that make a game in this particular genre entertaining. ...

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Galacide Release Date Announced

Galacide, the shoot-em-up puzzler by Puny Human has finally announced the release date of the game onto Steam. Galacide will be launching into Steam Early Access on April 24th. The game is a unique mix of a shmup and a puzzler, and has been described by Puny Human as a Shmuzzle game. The gameplay, which I had a chance to ...

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OBEY Preview: Asymmetrical Multiplayer Deception

OBEY was a game that I had not heard of until just a couple of days ago. The game was introduced to me by Dez, the sole developer, through Twitter, and he was gracious enough to invite me to a play session. OBEY was simply described as an asymmetrical multiplayer game based on deceiving your opponents in order to achieve ...

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Trine 3, Early Access Coming Soon

Trine 3 Early Access

Looks like Finnish game developer Frozenbyte is trying some new things on the third installment of their Trine Franchise. Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power; the latest of the side scrolling, puzzle platformer series features a full 3D environment. Both Trine and Trine 2 featured 3D models, but the gameplay took place on a 2D plane. According to Trine 3’s Steam page ...

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