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How the Xbox Game Preview Program Works

Xbox Game Preview Program

At the E3 show for Xbox it was announced that the Xbox Game Preview Program would be available immediately and provide access to games like The Long Dark and Elite: Dangerous for free. Other games like DayZ would be arriving sometime in the future. I immediately hopped onto my console after the show to give the thing a try, but I couldn’t find anything. So, I went ...

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Elite: Dangerous Players Try to Chart Out Galaxy

Players of Elite: Dangerous will try to map out the game's entire galaxy

Elite: Dangerous features a massive galaxy of over 400 billion stars. Now, a group of players are forming together to try and map out all of these stars in their entirety. Over a thousand players have banded together to try and map out Elite: Dangerous’ entire galaxy. The Great Expedition has come together to plot out all 400 billion stars, ...

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Elite: Dangerous Server Causing Severe Issues

Problems hit Elite: Dangerous' server

Elite: Dangerous just launched to what seemed to be a smooth start for the game. Yesterday, however, the game experienced some severe server issues, causing problems as serious as making the game unplayable for some. In Elite: Dangerous, a suspected transaction server failure has caused a number of bugs for players. Issues range from small issues such as players getting ...

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Elite: Dangerous – Alone in Space

Elite: Dangerous is probably the biggest game I have ever played. Unfortunately for Elite: Dangerous though it also has an extremely steep learning curve and the game does almost nothing to help you. It is kind of surprising, Elite: Dangerous is an extremely fun game, but it is one that is frustrating to get used to. It is the type ...

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Frontier will offer refunds after dropping the offline single player mode in Elite: Dangerous

After the disappointing news that the offline single player mode will no longer be available for the final version of the Elite: Dangerous spacer, many players have been relentlessly voicing out their discontent on official forums. Frontier Studios came out and said that the single player campaign was dropped due to a limited game environment that is not viable in ...

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Elite: Dangerous will no longer feature an offline mode

The previously announced offline mode for Elite: Dangerous is no longer happening according to developer Frontier Developments. The company explains that such a mode would be “unacceptably limited and static” when compared to the persistent online experience the game is built around. Frontier also reminds us that Elite: Dangerous is meant to constantly grow and evolve together with the players ...

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Elite: Dangerous gets a release date

Frontier Developments originally announced that Elite: Dangerous will be released in Q4 of 2014 and many people were not expecting the game to arrive by then, but developers have kept their word and silenced all doubters. It’s now official, Elite: Dangerous is coming this December 16th worldwide on Windows PCs and OS X. The space trading/combat MMO has been available ...

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Elite: Dangerous dev talks Beta 2 features


Elite: Dangerous designer David Braben revealed several features of the upcoming space adventure, trading and combat simulator during his panel at EGX. His presentation and the Q&A session that followed was streaming to Twitch. You can watch the video below. The first thing revealed to us in the video is that there are going to be different asteroid rings in ...

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