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Elite: Dangerous gets a release date

Frontier Developments originally announced that Elite: Dangerous will be released in Q4 of 2014 and many people were not expecting the game to arrive by then, but developers have kept their word and silenced all doubters. It’s now official, Elite: Dangerous is coming this December 16th worldwide on Windows PCs and OS X. The space trading/combat MMO has been available in Beta mode for a while now, and players have been able to get a clear idea of this massive space title, exploring and fighting their way across the vast galaxy of the game. As Frontier planned to introduce one of a kind star systems that will amount to hundreds of millions, the task ahead seemed too tough to see through, but developers managed to deliver in the end.

Frontier’s open letter to fans goes like this:

“You have watched and given invaluable feedback and assistance as we have created Elite: Dangerous in the public eye. It has been an incredible experience to be able to share development with such a supportive and enthusiastic community. We thank you for the opportunity and promise that we will continue to engage openly with the extended community of players as we further enhance the Elite: Dangerous experience, both up to and after the release.”

Elite: Dangerous is now available for pre-order at a discounted price. The title will be available exclusively on PC for $60 in the US and £40 in the UK. Also, you can get the Elite Dangerous Mercenary Edition on pre-order right away at a reduced price of $50 / £35. This bundle includes a digital download of Elite: Dangerous, an Eagle fighter ship, exclusive paint jobs, ‘Day One’ decals, a digital art book and a players guide. Elite: Dangerous has been well received by fans of the genre which have been playing the Beta version of the game. This open-ended space sim shows great promise and we’ll be expecting to hear more from it soon.

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