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Galaxy Alpha vs HTC One E8 – overpriced vs must have

Galaxy Alpha vs HTC One E8 - overpriced vs must have

The Galaxy Alpha is Samsung’s attempt at a smartphone with a premium build, something fans have been asking for for ages now. While the company did manage to revamp the Galaxy Alpha and make it look like a premium phone with a metal design, the phone can’t boast with powerhouse specs or innovative features. The HTC One E8 is the ...

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Galaxy Alpha vs Meizu MX4 – bang for buck

Galaxy Alpha vs Meizu MX4 - bang for buck

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is one of the most appreciated and raved about Samsung phones of the year, mainly because the company has finally introduced something new in its design: metal. The Galaxy Alpha is the first Samsung phone with a metal frame and many have praised the fact that the company finally decided to listen to its customers who ...

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iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha

iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung and Apple have been working hard against each other this Fall, with both companies releasing high quality handsets, as well as announcing upcoming new gadgets. Samsung has launched the Galaxy Alpha and announced a new Galaxy A line based on the premium handset, while Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and announced that an Apple Watch ...

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Galaxy A3 and A5 specs and price leak


When the Galaxy Alpha was launched Samsung announced that it would start designing a line that would be inspired by the metal additions on the Galaxy Alpha. As such, Samsung will be revealing three new phones in the Galaxy Alpha line, the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7. Leaks about these new Samsung handsets have been pouring in and the Galaxy ...

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Alpha-like SM-A500 is a mid-range beauty

galaxy alpha

Samsung has recently unveiled that it will be launching more devices similar to the Galaxy Alpha flagship launched at the end of this summer. The Alpha line proposes to launch mid-range devices with premium design so that it will suit the Samsung fans that would rather have a phone with a metal frame and beautiful screen than a high-end polycarbonate ...

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha launched in Canada – price revealed


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha had been introduced a while back, but now it has gone on sale in Canada for $137 on contract and for $638 without a contract. The Galaxy Alpha came as Samsung’s iPhone 6 competitor with a redesigned chassis and high-end specs. The Galaxy Alpha acts as the iPhone 6 4.7 inch version’s counterpart from Samsung, with ...

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Samsung announced 20nm process based Exynos 5430 SoC


The Galaxy Alpha wasn’t the only surprise Samsung prepared for this month, because the company has also announced its new Exynos 5430 SoC, based on a 20nm processing tech. As a matter of fact, the Exynos 5430 is the only SoC that’s based on the 20nm process. The 20nm HKMG process technology is perhaps Alpha’s most attractive feature, mostly because ...

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha to be released this year


Along with the latest rumors about the Note 4 being released on September 3rd, here comes another one suggesting the better Galaxy S5 dubbed Alpha, is also hitting the market this year. Not that the Galaxy S5 has grown old and outdated, but Samsung is definitely planning to maintain its place on the market as one of the giants. The ...

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