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Chrome OS adds Google Now functionality to Chromebooks


Google has sent out a fresh Chrome OS update to the Chromebook line-up this week and fans seem to be delighted with what that update actually contained. Apparently, from now on Chrome OS will benefit from the features that Google Now offers, including voice commands and Now cards. Up until now, we knew that Google Now for Chrome OS was ...

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Doctor Google offers medical advice

Latest addition to Google Now offers medical advice. Google has added a new component to its greatly-expanding Knowledge Graph by providing to users health information in Google searches. Asking Google a medical question brings up specialized information, such as symptoms of an illness, it it’s contagious and what age range it affects. Prem Ramaswami, Product Manager at Google said, “That ...

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Google Now updated with disease cards for hypochondriacs


Google Now has finally been updated so that you can now access cards that show symptoms for various diseases, and offers up information about their history, state and even treatment suggestions. The hypochondriac can feel right at home in Google’s ecosystem starting today, so that you can accurately ( sort of ) find out what your headache is a symptom ...

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Cortana will be more like Google Now


I’m sure all of you are familiar with Cortana, the Microsoft Assistant that will act as a guide for your day from your Windows phone. Cortana is now getting an update, that will bring features to the engine similar to those we can see at Google Now. While Cortana is being continuously improved, Microsoft seems to be getting the hang ...

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Google purchased Emu, the Siri-like mobile app

Google purchased a new messaging application called Emu, a former IM Client that stood out in the market due to its smart features. Emu was released as a beta earlier this year and was often compared to Siri, the virtual assistant that automates tasks based on conversations. The similarities between these two go even further, considering you can schedule meetings, ...

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Google previews Android L and new Material interface

The first order of business today at Google’s I/O conference was to show what everyone came to see: A new version of Android. Google showed off a major redesign of the mobile OS with the Android L Developer Preview, the biggest change being purely an aesthetic one with the new Material Design. But don’t worry, the Google Now inspired interface ...

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Google takes their OS to the streets with Android Auto

As a company, Google has always made strides to try and change the way we do things. Now, the company is looking to change one more thing: driving. The company announced at their developer conference a version of the Android OS designed to plug into our cars and help us use our phones in the car called Android Auto. The ...

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Google Glass apps will be discussed in detail next week

It’s been almost two years now since the Google Glass prototype was first presented to the general public at the company’s I/O 2012 conference. The wearable computer officially became available for purchase last month for the price of $1.500 and has been received rather well, although there are still many people who don’t trust the device. A lot of concerns have been raised ...

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Google introduces us to Android Wear ahead of I/O 2014

Google came out shortly before their annual I/O developers conference and launched a video in which they showcase some of the features that we might be able to expect from Android Wear. The video is mostly geared towards developers and is being presented by Timothy Jordan, a Google dev who’s part of the Android Wear team. Even though it’s not ...

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