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Why I switched from iOS to Android.


The Big Question The old argument is old. Which operating system, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, reigns supreme? Though both have their pros and cons, I have personally made the switch from iOS to Android on my phone, and I am here to share my first impressions and why I switched. Customization The original reason for myself switching was the ...

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iOS Spotlight: Adaline – An adventure of stealth, skill and cats


The iOS App Store is a strange place. There are incredible games, awful games, and awful clones of incredible games. The Chocobollo Company aims to change that, and they’ve started with their first game, Adaline – An adventure of stealth, skill and cats. The new developers seem to know what they’re getting into – the game’s current description (as of 4/23/15) expresses a desire ...

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Hearthstone released for iPhone and Android


Blizzard’s popular card-battler, ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’ now fits in your pocket. Previously only available for virtually every other platform imaginable, Blizzard now brings all the tactical action to the small-screen. Get your ‘Handlock’ and ‘Freeze Mage’ decks in order, because Hearthstone is now on iPhone. The mobile version requires at least an iPhone 5 running iOS 5.1 or 4.0 on Android to ...

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Mortal Kombat X mobile app offers console unlockables


Warner Bros. previewed the Mortal Kombat X mobile game in a recent ‘Kombat Kast‘ on their Twitch live stream. The app was released for iOS today, with an Android version coming soon. The game is a fusion of card collecting and team battling through a series of touchscreen controls. Players can unlock and level up their characters by fighting through a series ...

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Android Wear getting iOS support at I/O Google


Android Wear is not a cross-platform operating system at the moment, even though there are units out there which have bypassed the software restrictions with the use of a few hacks and made the OS compatible with iOS devices, such as the iPhone 6 and the iPad. There are many iPhone and iPad users who would be interested in purchasing ...

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Rebellion Releases Evil Genius Remake

Evil Genius Online Screenshot

Rebellion has released a remake of the cult classic title, Evil Genius. This free-to-play remake of the classic base management title will have players advance their evil goals against the forces of justice. It will challenge players to build up their evil lair with nefarious traps and useful objects. One’s minions will be building that lairs, however not everything may ...

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Creators of Halo release sci-fi FPS Midnight Star for iOS


Alex Seropian, founder of Bungie and Paul Bertone, Halo’s design lead have released a sci-fi themed FPS on iOS. The game they call Midnight Star will also have the likes of Serj Tankian, singer for the popular rock band System of a Down doing the music and Hugo-award winning John Scalzi writing the story. The names attached to the project may be ...

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République Remastered Coming To PC

Republique logo

République is an episodic stealth survival horror title from a dedicated team of veteran developers. These developers have worked on some amazing video game franchises, like the Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Infamous and F.E.A.R. series. The title was released on iOS devices in 2013, however a release date for the remastered edition of the game has just been announced. République Remastered will be arriving on ...

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Surgeon Simulator Sells 2 Million Copies


According to a press release from Bossa Studios on Game Press, their incredibly popular game Surgeon Simulator has sold over 2 million copies to date. To celebrate, Surgeon Simulator will be on sale for 75% off on Steam for the next 24 hours and will be reduced to half price for the rest of the week. The iOS version of the ...

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iWatch obsolete as the Apple Watch release date is nearing


There were tons of rumors about the alleged Apple iWatch flying around the internet last Summer, only to be debunked by Apple’s event on September 9 where the company announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and introduced the Apple Watch. Maybe some of you would have preferred the iWatch name instead of the more generic Apple Watch, but the ...

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