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Kindle Voyage – smaller high-res e-book reader listed

Almost a year has past since Amazon updated the Kindle line, the Kindle Paperwhite being the last device released by the company. A refresh to the tablet line was an expected occurrence, and some diligent people have spotted a Kindle Voyage listing on German and Japanese Amazon stores. The Kindle Paperwhite featured a 6 inch E-ink screen with 1024*768 resolution and 212 ...

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Amazon trialling new unlimited ebook subscription service

Kindle Fire HD

According to GIGAOM, Amazon is testing a new ebook and audio subscription service. The service allows users unlimited access to over 600,000 titles for $9.99 a month. The website found a number of pages detailing the new Kindle Unlimited service, though they have since been removed. Several websites already allow users to rent ebooks for a set period of time, ...

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Amazon smartphone said to be exclusive to AT&T

Amazon’s rumored smartphone will be available on AT&T exclusively according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. It’s a near certainty that Amazon will launch the smartphone, but exactly what kind of smartphone it will be and why is Amazon launching it? The device is believed to incorporate 3D capabilities that let you look at their products online. It’s ...

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Amazon announces 3D smartphone on June 18th

Amazon posted a promotional video for a new product announcement that’s going to take place on June 18th. It’s probably the rumored smartphone that we kept hearing about lately. A few frames of the video reveal the top of a smartphone as discovered yesterday by a sharp eyed Google+ user. Sources say that Amazon plans to announce a smartphone this ...

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Fire TV: Amazon competes with Apple and Google

Amazon launched “Fire TV”, an internet-connected TV set-top box as it competes with Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast, to gain a share of the television market. It’s not the first time Amazon launched a hardware device, they’ve done something similar with the Amazon Kindle line. “It makes sense for Amazon to try to tie everything in to its eco-system and ...

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