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Nier: Automata could release on Xbox One

Nier: Automata

Nier was an Action RPG released in 2010 that originally had mixed reviews, but over time perspective around it has changed and now many consider it a cult classic. A sequel called Nier: Automata was announced on E3 2015 during the Square Enix Conference but it confused many because at first, the only platform it was announced for was the ...

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Bayonetta Goes 8-Bit in a New Browser Game

Platinum Games, the game developers behind the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, have released an 8-bit spin-off version of the well known Bayonetta franchise. Platinum Games’ Creative Producer, JP Kellams tweeted out a link to the game they are calling Angel Land, according to Eurogamer. The browser game can be played on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or above ...

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Metal Gear Rising 2 a possibility?

The world of gaming has shifted its focus on Asia the past few days with the Intel Extreme Masters Taipei events, but people have new grounds for speculation after the Taipei Game Show 2015 live stream. During the PlayStation 4 sizzle reel at the Sony booth that showcased trailers for The Witcher: Wild Hunt, NBA2k15, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear ...

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Scalebound allows you to befriend dragons, likely to be an open-world game


Back at E3, Platinum Games presented a trailer for their latest project and it looked absolutely incredible. The company’s upcoming title goes by the name of Scalebound and will be an Xbox One exclusive. Unfortunately we haven’t heard much regarding the game since then and until recently all we could is speculate based on the trailer. The E3 video showcased a headphone-wearing, ...

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The Legend of Korra game being developed by Platinum Games

Platinum Games is working on a The Legend of Korra game according to publisher Activision. The new title will take place mostly in Republic City and is set between the second and third season of the hit animated show. It will see players employing lightning fast martial arts along with the mystical bending ability to defeat enemies. Tim Hedrick, one ...

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Scalebound already playable, but we can’t see it yet

Scalebound is a new IP that was revealed by Microsoft last week during their E3 2014 press conference. The game’s trailer looked really good, but unfortunately that’s all we have to go on for now. The company didn’t share a whole lot of details about the title aside from the fact that it is being developed by Platinum Games and it will ...

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Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 coming this October

Nintendo announced today during their E3 digital event that Bayonetta 2 will grace the Wii U this October. The sequel to Bayonetta will also include the original game so you’re basically getting two games for the price of one. Strangely enough, Bayonetta skipped the Wii U when it was released back in 2009 and only became available for the PS3 and ...

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