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Xbox One vs PS4 – Best new exclusive games

These are the best Xbox One and PS4 2015 exclusives

2016 was a really exciting year for gamers thanks to all the new releases, but this year is expected to be even better for that very same reason. A number of very interesting new titles are set to hit both the Xbox One and the PS4 this year and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Granted, it’s a bit ...

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Scalebound allows you to befriend dragons, likely to be an open-world game


Back at E3, Platinum Games presented a trailer for their latest project and it looked absolutely incredible. The company’s upcoming title goes by the name of Scalebound and will be an Xbox One exclusive. Unfortunately we haven’t heard much regarding the game since then and until recently all we could is speculate based on the trailer. The E3 video showcased a headphone-wearing, ...

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Xbox One launches this September in Japan with 29 games

The Xbox One has been available in North America, Europe, Australia, and Brazil since November 22nd and today Microsoft announced that it will also be launched in Japan on September 4th. The console is already available for pre-order through multiple Japanese retailers and comes in three varieties. The regular Kinect version, the Kinect-free Xbox One, and the Day One edition, which includes Titanfall and ...

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Scalebound already playable, but we can’t see it yet

Scalebound is a new IP that was revealed by Microsoft last week during their E3 2014 press conference. The game’s trailer looked really good, but unfortunately that’s all we have to go on for now. The company didn’t share a whole lot of details about the title aside from the fact that it is being developed by Platinum Games and it will ...

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Top 10 new IPs featured at E3 2014

E3 2014 was one of the best editions we’ve had in a very long time. At this year’s expo we were bombarded with presentations for literally hundreds of games for all the platforms. There were lots of titles that stood out from the crowd, including quite a few brand new IPs. While some of these projects have been announced or rumored prior ...

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