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Samaritans Radar Twitter app suspended indefinitely

Samaritans Radar Twitter app suspended indefinitely

Samaratians Radar is – or used to be – an app within Twitter that could sweep through tweets and filter for content that would suggest a depressive or otherwise dangerous mental state. The purpose of Radar is to try and raise awareness, as well as prevent tragedies from happening, screening tweets for suicidal thoughts or hints. Even though Radar hasn’t ...

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4 things iOS 8 still can’t do

ios 8

iOS 8 was just launched together with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the OS is available for most Apple devices out there. While iOS 8 aimed to focus more on functions than design, it kept the looks of iOS 7 and built in new features that remind us of an Android OS. Even though Apple didn’t get ...

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PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony is leading for the sixth consecutive month


Microsoft recently stated that Xbox One sales have more than doubled ever since the Kinect was dropped. Unfortunately for the company, it wasn’t enough as according to the latest NPD report, the PS4 outsold the Xbox One yet again and is now in the lead for the sixth consecutive month. PS4 owners are not the only ones that rejoiced when hearing the good news, ...

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Oxford University invents breakthrough facial recognition software


A new type of facial recognition software invented by researchers at the University of Oxford can tell if a person has a rare genetic disorder just by analyzing their photos. The breakthrough invention is able to recognize faces in everyday pictures, just like the photo software used by Facebook or Google. According to Oxford, between 30 and 40 percent of rare genetic ...

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Mozilla’s Firefox OS stick is looking to challenge Chromecast


Mozilla is working on a streaming device that’s meant to compete with Google’s Chromecast. The latter is a stick that can be plugged into the HDMI port of a television and allows you to stream content from a smartphone, tablet, or computer directly to your TV. Mozilla’s device will be quite similar to Chromecast except that it will run on the Firefox OS. ...

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Apple is preparing a smart home software platform


According to a report, Apple is planing to make an entrance in the connected smart house area. The company plans to make a platform that would allow their iOS devices to control their smart home devices. For instance, using an iPhone to control the lights or the security system are only some of the thing you can do with a connected ...

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Facebook’s malware checkpoint shows mercy!


Facebook has made an announcement regarding its security: it added free downloads of anti-malware software to its abuse detection and prevention systems, for the security of the social network and the user’s information. So, in case someone has an infected device, the users will see a popup notification with one of the suggested products when they sign onto Facebook. Once ...

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iPhone 5S VS Galaxy S5. A difficult decision


Samsung’s new flagship smartphone has proven itself worthy of all praise. The Galaxy S5 is by far Samsung’s best smartphone, evidence that the giant company is a fierce rival when it comes to quality devices. Yet, how will it respond to the biggest threat in the smartphone domain, Apple’s own iPhone 5S? The iPhone 5S is also a venerable smartphone, ...

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