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PS4 is way more popular in China than the Xbox One according to poll


Microsoft recently launched a new commercial in an attempt to show Chinese gamers just how awesome the Xbox One is. Unfortunately for the company, China is not impressed at all according to an ongoing poll. The question asked is as follows (Google Translated): “If Microsoft and Sony’s consoles are successfully listed on the National Bank, which would you choose?” As of this ...

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Destiny beta access gives players 3 downloadable codes


Those with access to the Destiny beta that is due to release next week will get access to three separate download codes. Bungie’s official site for redeeming the beta codes states that: “Platform selection for the Beta is now available! Each code will grant you 3 download keys, enough to field a full Fireteam on the console of your choosing!” ...

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Sony Xperia Z3 leaked images show similarities to Xperia Z2

Sony_Xperia_Z3_leaked_images_similarities_Xperia Z2.jpg

A number of Sony Xperia Z3 images have recently been leaked online. Perhaps a bit unsurprising, the upcoming flagship looks very similar to the current one, Sony Xperia Z2. The two handsets are identical from a design standpoint save for a few minor differences. The Z3’s sides appear to be a little more rounded than on the previous model, and ...

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Sony reveals sales data for their recent PlayStation consoles

Sony sold 9 million PS4 units

Sony has revealed that they have sold over 100 million PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles. While the Japanese company does not usually give out data about the sales of their products, they announced the numbers in a promotional video for the PlayStation brand. The PlayStation 3 accounts for most of that 100 million, with Sony having previously ...

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Epic Games’ Fortnite might make it to PS4 and Xbox One


Fortnite, Epic Games’ upcoming action/building title was initially scheduled for a PC only release, but a recent interview reveals that the game might also make it to the PS4 and Xbox One at some point. Eurogamer caught up with lead designer Darren Saag and asked him whether or not we’ll end up seeing next-gen versions of the title. While he ...

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Samsung’s Gear VR headset launching at IFA 2014


Reports about Samsung’s virtual reality headset first surfaced about a month ago and revealed that the Korean company is developing the device in collaboration with the Oculus VR team. The headset is being called the Gear VR and is said to be somewhat different than other virtual reality devices such as Sony’s Project Morpheus or Facebook’s Oculus Rift. While the ...

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New PS4 Driveclub bundle for Europe announced by Sony


Today Sony Entertainment announced a brand new PS4 bundle exclusive to Europe. The bundle includes a standard PS4 console, a DualShock 4 controller and a copy of the upcoming racing game Driveclub all for the price of  €439.99. The Driveclub bundle will be available for purchase on October 8th when the title releases. Sony suggests that those interested might want to ...

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Beyond Two Souls could be coming to the PS4 this year


Although not officially announced by Sony, listings for a PS4 version of Beyond Two Souls have recently popped up on a couple of German retailer websites. According to the listing below, Quantic Dream’s highly acclaimed title will be released for the PS4 this September for the equivalent of about $60. The other listing is very similar to this one except that it ...

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Sony rumored to be acquiring Crytek soon


A well known industry insider who goes by the name of Tidux leaked some very interesting info today. According to him, Sony Entertainment is planning on expanding their studios soon. He also mentioned that the company being taken into consideration right now “is in big trouble.” The first studio that comes to mind is Crytek, who has been struggling financially ...

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Sony already sold 9 million PS4 units according to a new report

Sony sold 9 million PS4 units

A new report suggests that Sony might be doing even better than anticipated when it comes to PS4 sales. Microsoft VP Phil Harrison recently had an interview with Edge magazine(via IBTimes) in which several aspects were discussed, including the “classic by now” Xbox One vs PS4 console wars. Harrison didn’t reveal anything new in regards to Microsoft’s sales, but reminded us of the “north of 5 ...

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